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Mackie Studio Monitors

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Every audio engineer knows how essential their monitors are to the post-production process. After all, in order to mix and master accordingly, you need to work with an honest representation of what you recorded. For this reason, it only makes sense that a trusted audio company like Mackie would specialize in high-quality studio monitors for a wide range of environments.

Many sound technicians from around the globe agree that when it comes to sound accuracy, Mackie studio monitors are amongst the best. Of course, before settling on a specific model, you should try to pick a monitor that fits the size of your control room. Typically, 5" to 6" speakers are perfect for smaller-size studios, and the MR5mk3 5" 2-way powered studio monitor is a great option. Featuring an enhanced waveguide for a wider sweet spot, and custom-tuned rear porting for a smooth bass response, this monitor is just what you need to reveal the true character of your music.

Now, when it comes to larger control rooms, you'll want to go with something that's closer to 8 inches. For that, check out the MR8mk3 8'' 2-way powered studio monitor. Like everything constructed by Mackie, the design of this finely-tuned monitor is based on the idea that your music is all that matters. From the exceptional punch and bass extension provided by the custom-tuned ports to the all-wood cabinet that’s loaded with sound-tightening acoustic absorption material, it's easy to mix with confidence when you're equipped with this killer monitor.

And these are just two examples from Mackie's extensive lineup of studio monitors. Whatever you decide upon, just remember that Mackie has been a trusted leader in the world of audio products since 1989. Whether you're an industry professional or an amateur enthusiast with a home setup, Mackie studio monitors are more than capable of making your mixing and mastering talents realized by an audience.