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Your intense skill can sometimes be a bit rough on your gear. When the music takes hold, it's hard to resist letting a good groove carry you away. With continuous practice your skill levels go up but some of your components may experience a bit of extra wear and tear. Here's where drum replacement accessories come to the rescue. When one little part bites the dust there is no need to replace the whole tom or cymbal stand. When you wail on your snare as much as you do in the run of a day your hoops and strand strainers can take a bit of a hit. Freshening up your snare to be as crisp and clear as the day you bought it is easily done by getting replacement options. The beauty of modern kits and their customizable features is that it's easy for the seasoned drummer to simply replace a part. It's good to keep a stash of items you may need at a moment's notice, like a tension washer that may fly off in the middle of a gig or a wing screw that came loose during a fill of fury. Being prepared means you never skip a beat during an especially smokin' hot performance. The smallest bits of hardware can make a dramatic impact should they happen to disappear. Imagine a kick pedal with no spring or a tom with no tension lugs. Your sound is forever compromised without all the crucial inner workings that make your tone so fresh and original. It's also likely you'll want to customize your kit beyond what the manufacturer has provided. Your floor toms may need an extra height adjustment so acquiring additional legs by Gibraltar will fit the bill. Extra resonance on your bass drum is always sought after and easily can be accommodated with Sound Percussions extended side bass drum hoop. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to make a creative call in regards to your sound. Drumming by nature is hard on the various components you've grown to love. Sacrificing sound due to wear and tear is a thing of the past. With a small investment you can easily get your kit back to the near original condition that you've grown to cherish.