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As a guitar player, you love turning up the volume and cranking out a few chords. The thing is, you need an amp that can match your power. With a guitar amplifier stack, your sound will be larger than life and ready to take over clubs, auditoriums and practice spaces alike. Choosing a head and cabinet stack is an all-in-one source for sound. Choosing to buy a head and cabinet separately can be an overwhelming process. Buying together can save you time and let you get down to doing what you love most; playing your guitar. When you're looking for an amplifier stack there are a number of factors to consider. First and foremost, you need to understand the difference between an open-back cabinet and a closed-back cabinet. An open-back offers a loud and loose sound, while a closed back provides a tight sound that is more focused, but not as loud. As always, there is no right or wrong choice here, it simply comes down to what kind of sound you're looking for. Next, you will want to look at speakers. Obviously, more speakers will provide you with more volume. A KG100HFX and KG412 Half Stack from Custom features four speakers, making it powerful, but a little less portable. On the other hand, The Soldano Astroverb Series Head and 2 x 12 Half Stack offers fewer speakers, but is far more portable, making it fantastic for gigging. Again, there are plenty of options, what it comes down to is what stack can help you achieve the sound you want. Every musician with an electric guitar wants an amplifier stack to match. With a fantastic history in popular music, an amplifier stack can give you the power and style to take your live shows and studio recordings to the next level


Guitar Amplifier Stacks Starting at: $379.99