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Band students and orchestra members are all too familiar with the Manhasset name. Since 1935, Manhasset has remained an undisputed leader in the manufacturing of concert style music stands. Renowned for their sturdy craftsmanship, as well as the high-quality materials that are used in every music stand they construct, Manhasset's extensive line of music stands is unmatched, and this catalog has plenty of options to choose from.

Through technology's many advancements, it's amazing to think how indispensable the music stand still is for many musicians. In fact, it just proves how convenient music stands really are. For those who require sheet music to read for more lengthy and complex pieces of music, a music stand will provide a musician with the assistance and comfort they need to follow along, while still maintaining full control of their instrument. Another benefit to owning a music stand is that it can keep a musician's essential items all in one place. Of course, when it comes to music stands that are long-lasting, lightweight and glare-free, Manhasset Music Stands reign supreme.

For students who dream of one day performing in the most legendary orchestra pits, the M48 Carton of 6 Music Stands is one of Manhasset's most popular items. Featuring solid brass bearing and clutches, an all-aluminum desk, an automatic friction tilt-neck and an all-steel base, the M48 is one of the most popular music stands on the globe. Another top seller is the 5101 Fourscore Stand. Consisting of a 1-piece 32''-wide desk which gives you enough room for up to 4 pages of music, this stand is portable, secure, and ideal for singing groups, ensembles, conductors and much more.

Continually working on new and innovative ways to fit the needs of today's demanding orchestra performer, the passionate team at Manhasset takes pride in every musical composition you perform from their music stands. For this reason, Manhasset Music Stands will remain a staple in school music rooms and huge symphony halls all over the world.