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Jackson Solid Body Electric Guitars

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The only names more legendary than Jackson Guitars are those of the musicians who have played them, like Randy Rhoads and Def Leppard guitarists Phil Collen and Rick Savage. Known throughout the hard rock and metal scenes for their intense sound and impressive design, Jackson solid body electric guitars have been a mainstay on the world's stages ever since their debut in the late 1970s.  Jackson Guitars began with a truly historic meeting. Having recently taken over the Charvel brand, Grover Jackson was approached by Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist, Randy Rhoads, with an idea for an original new guitar. Jackson rose to the challenge and created Randy's now-legendary Concorde, a guitar so unique that Jackson decided to put his own name on the headstock. Today, as a tribute to the late Rhoads, many of Jackson's models descended from the Concorde still bear his name.

The Jackson name has always been synonymous with metal of all kinds. From the thrash metal sound of Anthrax's Scott Ian to nu metal with Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit to gothic metal in the hands of Within Temptation's Stefan Helleblad, Jackson guitars are tearing up the stage in every sub-genre. Whether you like the Explorer-inspired Kelly series, Randy Rhoads-style V's, the dramatic Warrior or a classic double cutaway, you can find a Jackson guitar that matches the look you love to the sound you need.

There are also some great signature models from Jackson if you'd like to take your favorite guitar hero's setup for a spin. Chris Broderick's signature axe, for example, is his own take on the classic Jackson Soloist with custom DiMarzio pickups and Floyd Rose hardware on a quilt maple-topped mahogany body. Iron Maiden's Adrian Smith has a couple of signature guitars, including his San Dimas Dinky model with a Floyd Rose tremolo and a unique mix of DiMarzio and Fender pickups. If you're into Def Leppard, check out Phil Collen's PC-1, whose three pickups each have their own completely individual character, giving you tons of customizability in your tone.

Whether you choose one of Jackson's signature models or any other solid body electric guitar in their lineup, you can expect world-class performance. It takes a lot for a guitar to receive the Jackson stamp, and you'll find that every guitar in their catalog has earned the right to wear one of the most revered names in the business.