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Guitar Amplifiers

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  1. Blackstar ID Series 4X12 Angled Guitar Cabinet
  2. Engl Standard Slanted E412SS 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet 240W
  3. Marshall Plexi 1959SLP, 1960AX, and 1960BX Tube Guitar Full Stack
  4. Marshall Astoria AST1H Classic Model 30W Hand-Wired Tube Guitar Amp Head
  5. Marshall Astoria AST3H Dual Model 30W Hand-Wired Tube Guitar Head
  6. Randall George Lynch Headhunter 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head
  7. Morgan Amplification SW22R 22W Tube Guitar Head with Spring Reverb
  8. DV Mark Triple 6 III 120W All-Tube Guitar Head
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  9. Fuchs Wildcard 100W Tube Guitar Head
  10. Price Drop
    Fuchs Mantis Jr. 100W Tube Guitar Head
  11. Mahalo VMW 38w Guitar Tube Head
    Mahalo VMW 38w Guitar Tube Head
  12. Orange Amplifiers Dual Dark 50W High-Gain Guitar Head
  13. Orange Amplifiers Dual Dark 100W High-Gain Guitar Head
  14. Bad Cat Cub III 40W Guitar Head
    Bad Cat Cub III 40W Guitar Head
  15. Friedman Steve Stevens Signature 100W Tube Guitar Head
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  16. Soldano SLO100 100W Tube Guitar Head with Depth
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  17. Diamond Amplification Del Fuego USA Custom Series 22W Tube Guitar Amp Head
  18. Bogner Goldfinger 90 90W Tube Guitar Amp Head Comet Black
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  19. Friedman Buxom Betty 40W Tube Guitar Amp Head
  20. Bogner Uberschall 120W EL34 Tube Guitar Amp Head Comet Black
  21. Hughes & Kettner Triamp Mark 3 150W Tube Guitar Amp Head
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  22. Mahalo Katy 66 50W Guitar Tube Head
  23. Bad Cat Cub III 30W Guitar Head with Reverb
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  24. Marshall Custom Tattoo JVM410H Tutti Serra 100W Tube Guitar Head
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  25. Randall Thrasher 120W 4-Mode All-Tube Amplifier Head
  26. Engl Retro 50 50W Tube Guitar Head
  27. Orange Amplifiers Rockerverb RK100H MKII 100W DIVO Fitted Tube Guitar Amp Head
  28. 65amps London Pro 18W Tube Guitar Amp Head
  29. Supro 1688T Big Star 25W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp
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  30. Top Rated
    B-52 LG-100A Head
    B-52 LG-100A Head
  31. Hughes & Kettner Limited Edition Custom 4x12 Cabinet
  32. Mahalo A Style 4x12 Guitar Cabinet
  33. A Designs KGB 1tf Instrument Pre Amplifier
  34. A Designs KGB II Instrument Pre Amplifier
  35. Diezel Herbert 180W Tube Guitar Head
    Diezel Herbert 180W Tube Guitar Head
  36. Eden D210 500W 2x10 4ohms Bass Speaker Cabinet and Monitor Wedge
  37. Randall Scott Ian 4x12 Guitar Cab
    Randall Scott Ian 4x12 Guitar Cab
  38. Diezel Frontloaded 100W 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  39. Diezel Frontloaded Vintage 120W 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet
  40. Schecter Guitar Research HR412-SUBSTE D. Charge Sub 4x12 Straight Guitar Speaker Cabinet
 Matching Products
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No guitarist should ever be without a trusty amplifier to plug in and rock out. Without the invention and evolution of the amplifier, the world of popular music would be a very different place. Lucky for all of us, todays amplifiers are louder and more raucous than ever, filled with effects and features that will take you on a musical journey that you'll never forget. Some of our top brands in this category include: Fender, Acoustic, Bogner Marshall, Vox, Orange, and much more.

Whether you play classical folk or modern metal, it doesn't matter. There is an amplifier to suit the needs of your music and your bandmates. All you need to do is take a moment to determine which features you need and you'll have plenty of amazing options to choose from. If you're just having a browse or aren't entirely sure where to begin your search for an amplifier, you'll almost certainly be best served by checking out our top sellers. An option such as the Fender '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb 22W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp with Celestion G12V-70 Speaker, for example, might be just what Doctor Rock ordered. This amp is small, yet powerful, and absolutely loaded with tone. Both of its channels boast reverb and tremolo, and, best of all, the "custom" channel features a modified Bassman tone stack, allowing for even more flexibility when you plug in and play.

Maybe you'd rather check out the legendary "Marshall Sound" in all its glory? If so, flip the switch on the Marshall DSL40C 40W All-Tube 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp. This all-tube powerhouse is great for gigging guitarists, thanks in part to its fantastic projection and its Pentode/Triode switch that allows the performer to drop the power down from 40W to 20W on the fly for even more versatility. When only the best will do, nobody delivers like Marshall.

And these are only two of the hundreds of amplifier options that are available to you in this section. Half the fun in choosing an amp is seeing all the different options and what they can offer you. So don't be afraid, dive in and start exploring! When you find the option that is perfect for you, you'll know, and you'll be ready to rock.

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