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Mini Guitar Amplifiers

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Sometimes it's good to have a little power on the go. A mini guitar amplifier can offer you big sound in a convenient size, making it ideal for street performances or practise sessions where volume may be a concern. Mini guitar amplifiers often offer a wide variety of the features that their larger counterparts are known for, plus more. Take the Roland 3W 1 x 5 Battery Powered Guitar Combo Amp, for example. Not only does it offer big tone you will love, it also includes high-quality effects built directly in (because there is no point in being portable in you still have to lug around several effects pedals). Likewise, the Rocktron Velocity Series VG05 Battery Powered Guitar Combo Amp includes built-in distortion, so you can give your sound some serious attack anywhere you choose to go. These amps can be powered by a battery or an adapter and include straps and clips so you can play them while moving, making them ideal for parades. If you need a mini guitar amplifier that's even smaller than the cubes mentioned earlier, there are still options available to you. Have a look at the Mini from Smokey Amp. Literally the size of a cigarette pack, one of these amps can fit comfortably in your pocket while still delivering a searing overdrive when you turn up the volume. Equally as impressive (and small) is the Plush Gnome Practice Guitar Amp. Using a surprising one half watt of power, it's great for practising your parts at home or in the studio. A mini guitar amplifier is definitely a valuable tool for any musician. It can help you bring your sound anywhere you want to go, from the street corner to backstage before the big show. Whenever space is at a premium or the volume has to be kept a little lower, one of these incredibly portable mini amplifiers may be exactly what you need.