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Music goes many places, and you're not always on the stage. While a speaker amplifier is great at filling up a room with sound, there are times that the only person you want hearing your guitar is… you. For those times, a headphone guitar amplifier is the way to go. Available in a variety of feature sets to be as simple or as powerful as you need them to be, these amplifiers drive the sounds of your axe directly to your favorite set of headphones. A headphone amplifier is ideal for the creative guitarist who writes melodies through experimentation. When you're dreaming up new riffs and rhythms, you don't want anyone to hear them until they're perfected. With a headphone amplifier, you can listen closely and tweak your music to perfection while enjoying the privacy of keeping your work to yourself until it's time for the big reveal. In a perfect world, every guitarist would have a remote practice space where they could wail away to their heart's content and never receive a single word in protest. But if you have family, neighbors or roommates to contend with, a headphone guitar amplifier is a blessing. Plug your six-string into one of these little amps and you'll never have to hear another complaint again—because you'll be the only one listening to the sweet sounds of the guitar. Choose a more feature-rich headphone amplifier if you're into bells and whistles. You can use your pedals of choice along with the amp, and some models allow connection to a mixing console so you can record directly. Even better, with certain amplifiers, MP3, CD, and other external audio inputs are supported, so you can play along with all of your favorite classics. Playing, mixing, recording… with the right amplifier, you can do it all in the comfort of your own headphones. Put hassling neighbors and eavesdroppers out of your mind and you can be free to focus on your own guitar skills with privacy and clarity.