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Recording Microphone Packages

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Recording a song in studio is a vastly different experience than it is to perform live. This has a lot to do with the fact that you can fine tune and refine your sound in studio over multiple takes. To make the most of your studio time, a recording microphone package is an absolute essential addition to your collection of gear. If you're setting up a home or professional recording studio, it might be in your best interest to buy gear in bulk. Bundles such as the MXL 800 Series Microphone package are ideal for this purpose, as they give you a wide assortment of microphones with different specialties. This bundle will allow you to capture everything from vocals to drums and nearly anything in between. If you're more interested in bundles for a specific type of recording and not a general assortment, there are plenty of options available for almost any situation. Take the Sterling Audio ST55 / ST31 Condenser Mic Package, for example. This pack combines condenser microphones with a mesh pop filter and shock mount to help you get a crisp vocal take in the studio. If you're not in a professional studio, however, it doesn't mean you can't get a professional sound. Take the sE Electronics X1 Studio Bundle, which includes a condenser and isolator to assist in recording vocals in less than ideal environments. Microphones are valuable equipment, so you may be interested in a bundle that includes safe storage such as the Sterling Audio SP50/30 Studio Condenser Microphone Pack. This is a perfect set for people who record on the go or simply appreciate giving their gear a little extra TLC. Whether you're setting up a professional or personal recording studio, great microphones are crucial to capturing your sound. With these recording microphone packages, your recordings are certain to sound better than ever before


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