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Every musician will tell you there is a certain rush that comes with stepping onto a stage and plugging in your instrument for the first time. It's exciting and fills you with energy, so it's important that you have an amp that can match that excitement and energy. With a solid state guitar amplifier head, you'll be ready to unleash a serious sonic assault. The beauty of running your sound through a head and cabinet is that it gives you more ability to customize and control your sound. With a combo amp, it becomes costly and time consuming if you want to swap out or try different speakers. With a solid state guitar amplifier head, there are unlimited numbers of cabinets available for you to sample and perfect your sound with. The first major decision you'll probably have to make when choosing an amplifier head is tube or solid state. There is no right answer to this question and it's simply a matter of preference. Tube amps provide a fantastic tone, but are more prone to wear and tear, while solid state amps are less delicate and are generally believed to be more reliable. Whichever you choose, you're sure to love your sound. When choosing a solid state guitar amplifier head, it's important to remember that it is responsible for processing your sound, but not projecting it (that is the job of the speakers in your cabinet). Making certain that your head complements your cab and vice-versa is the first step towards a great sound. What kind of music do you love to play? If you're looking to rock out to some pulse pounding heavy metal, then you will almost certainly be interested in a Fender MH-500 Metalhead Guitar Amp. Just as the name suggests, this amplifier head provides a seriously vicious tone that would make any metalhead proud. Similarly, the Line 6 HD147 300W Guitar Amp Head offers 300 watts of power, letting you get as aggressive as you want while shredding with plenty of power left to spare. If you're more interested in wider assortment of genres, an Acoustic Lead Guitar Series G120H DSP 120W Guitar Amp Head or a DV Mark Multiamp 3-Channel Preamp/Effects Processor/Power Amp might be better suited to you. With plenty of onboard effects that will allow your imagination to run wild, you'll love exploring the options these heads offer. In the end, the wide assortment of available guitar amplifier heads means there is definitely going to be one that suits your needs. Whether you want an unbeatable heavy metal attack or something slightly more sonic in nature, these solid state guitar amplifier heads are the perfect first step in perfecting your sound


Solid State Guitar Amplifier Heads Starting at: $99.99