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There's no instrument quite like the accordion. Known for its unique sound and distinct look, the accordion is a mainstay in folk and polka music. That's not to say it hasn't made its mark in modern music. "Weird Al" Yankovic anyone? And what better way to get student musicians interested in such an amazing instrument than with a classroom accordion of their own. Entertaining and an absolute blast to play, classroom accordions help build your students musical skills in an interesting and interactive way.

If there is a company that knows accordions, it's Hohner. They have a reputation for building world-class accordions of all shapes and sizes and have been designing and producing quality, bellow-driven instruments for over 100 years. And their classroom accordions are no exception to their high quality standards. Take for example the Hohner UC102R Toy Accordion. Its small, lightweight layout with just 7 treble buttons makes it easy for even small children to play. Its red-and-blue styling is colorful and eye-catching and it has built-in straps to allow student musicians keep it close at hand. Did we mention it's durable? Should it get accidentally dropped, this well-made student-size squeezebox should keep right on playing. Recommended for ages 4 and up, this outfit comes with a songbook and playing instructions.

Whether you're a parent searching for a squeezebox for your budding musician or a music teacher who wants to outfit their classroom with exciting instruments, you're going to find what you're looking for in this section of classroom accordions. When kids are enthusiastic about the instruments they're playing, learning is fun and they'll want to keep on practising and improving their skills. And since the classroom accordions found here are affordable, built tough and light enough to handle all the challenges that go hand-in-hand with young musicians, you can count these classroom accordions to exceed all your (and your students) musical needs.