Benches & Stools

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If you're getting ready to play your piano or keyboard, there's one important piece of equipment you're going to need. The strange thing is, this piece of equipment doesn't make any music at all, but it remains a key part of any music setup. I'm talking about, of course, piano benches and chairs! By keeping you comfortable while you're making music, you'll be able to play and practice longer, which will only serve to increase your skills.

A comfortable, durable bench or stool is simply a necessity when you're sitting down to play your favorite instrument, and you'll find plenty of options in this section. If you're not entirely sure which chair or bench is perfect for you, you might be best served having a look at some of our top sellers and taking things from there. The KT7800+ Keyboard Bench from On-Stage Stands, for example, is a great option for a pianist or keyboard player who demands comfort at an equally comfortable price. Highlighted by a 3-inch cushion, this bench will keep you feeling top notch while you're practicing and performing. Another top notch choice for any player is the Hydraulic Lift Piano Bench from Musician's Gear. This bench is truly highlighted by its adjustability. Its hydraulic lift allows you to easily adjust it from 18.3-inches to 23.2-inches, so musicians of any height can be comfortable while playing their instrument. Plus its velvet seat is sure to keep you feeling wonderful while you're writing your new piece. Want to steal the show at your next performance, then this polished aluminum chair from Suzuki will seal the deal.

To be honest, regardless of which bench or stool you choose, you're definitely going to be comfortable when you play. With options from Casio, ProLine, Quik-Lok, Roland, Williams, Yamaha, and more, this is the only place you need to go to find exactly what you need to make your playing experience a far more comfortable one.