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The largest and lowest-pitched member of the viol family, the double bass dates back to the 15th century, and is generally considered to be the grandfather of the string family. A staple in classical music, as well as dance and jazz bands, the double bass can be played with a bow, or by plucking the strings with your fingers. By the 1950's, the double bass found its way into many popular groups at the dawn of rock'n'roll's inception, including notable favorites like Bill Haley and the Comets. Today, the double bass is still widely used, and within this section of options, you'll find a wide variety of exceptional models to choose from.

Whether you're a budding orchestral student or a touring rockabilly artist, this selection contains an extensive range of double basses from well-known and renowned brands. From Bellafina and Engelhardt to Etude, Florea and many more, these companies consist of experienced craftsmen who take pride in assuring that every double bass is made with meticulous attention to beauty, durability and playability.

For a double bass with impeccable construction and a rich sound, the Bellafina Model 50 double bass outfit is considered to be one of the finest models available for advancing student players. With its thumbwheel height adjusters on the bridge to accommodate various playing styles, as well as its slender neck for quick movement on faster orchestral passages, this double bass is the full package at a more than affordable price. Another option to think about is the Palatino Upright 3/4 – Size Billy Bass. Containing a cutaway design for easy access to the upper mid-section of the fingerboard, this model is actually one of few cutaway upright basses currently available. Plus, the instrument's maple bridge makes changing the tone easy, allowing you to go from hopping rockabilly sounds to cool and warm jazz.

One of the many great things about taking up a musical instrument is coming to realize that you don't have to stick to your instruments commonly associated genre once you master it. The double bass is a perfect example of an instrument that has spanned many genres over countless centuries, which is why anyone with a passion for music can benefit from learning one. Rest assured, if the double bass is something that interests you, a remarkable model can easily be found, right here.