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Microphone Windscreens & Grilles

Results & Compare List:
  1. Rode BLIMP Windshield
    Rode BLIMP Windshield
    Product Price $299.00
    Open Box:
  2. Shure RK143G SM58 Microphone Grille
    Shure RK143G SM58 Microphone Grille
    Product Price $7.78
  3. Shure A58WS-GRA SM58 Windscreen for Ball-Type Microphones
    Product Price $5.88
  4. Shure A2WS Windscreen
    Shure A2WS Windscreen
    Product Price $14.95
  5. Audio-Technica AT8153 Windscreen
    Audio-Technica AT8153 Windscreen
    Product Price $9.99
  6. Sennheiser Mic Skins
    Sennheiser Mic Skins
    Product Price $12.95
  7. Rode WS7 Windscreen for NTG-3 and Shotgun Mics
    Product Price $59.00
  8. Rode Large Diaphragm Wind Screen
    Rode Large Diaphragm Wind Screen
    Product Price $19.99
  9. Heil Sound Windscreen for PR30 & PR40 Microphones
    Product Price $19.00
  10. Rode DeadCat VMPR Artificial Fur Wind Shield
    Product Price $39.00
  11. Shure A1WS Windscreen
    Shure A1WS Windscreen
    Product Price $4.93
  12. Heil Sound Windscreen for PR20 & PR35 Microphones
    Product Price $5.00
  13. Zoom WSU-1 Universal Windscreen for Handy Recorders
    Product Price $39.99
  14. 15% off w/ rocktober
    Zoom RJQ-4 Water-Resistant Silicone Jacket and Hiar Windscreen
    Product Price $49.99
  15. Rode Deadkitten Artificial Fur Wind Shield
    Product Price $24.99
  16. Rode Deadcat Go Artificial Fur Wind Shield
    Product Price $29.95
  17. Heil Sound Windscreen for the Handi Mic Microphone
    Product Price $5.00
    Product Price $29.00
  19. Earthworks OMW3 Standard Foam Windscreen
    Product Price $29.00
  20. 25% off w/ rocktober
    Musician's Gear Microphone Windscreen
    Musician's Gear Microphone Windscreen
    Product Price $2.99
  21. 25% off w/ rocktober
    Musician's Gear 5 Pack Windscreens
    Musician's Gear 5 Pack Windscreens
    Product Price $10.99
  22. Shure A3WS Windscreen
    Shure A3WS Windscreen
    Product Price $12.00
  23. Lewitt Audio Microphones LCT 40 Wx Microphone Windscreen
    Product Price $8.99
  24. Rode NT3 Wind Screen
    Rode NT3 Wind Screen
    Product Price $11.99
  25. DPA Microphones Foam Windscreen for d:dicate Recording Microphones Series
    Product Price $20.00
  26. Lewitt Audio Microphones LCT 40 Ws Windscreen
    Product Price $5.99
  27. Lewitt Audio Microphones LCT 40 Wxx Microphone Windscreen
    Product Price $19.99
  28. DPA Microphones Foam Windscreen for d:dicate 4041
    Product Price $45.00
  29. Aston Microphones Starlight Windscreen
    Product Price $7.99
  30. Earthworks SRW3 Foam Windscreen
    Earthworks SRW3 Foam Windscreen
    Product Price $29.00
  31. Earthworks SRW2 Stainless Steel Windscreen
    Product Price $149.00
  32. Earthworks SRW1 Aluminum Windscreen
    Product Price $129.00

Whether it's an instrument or your voice, the microphone is the way to capture all the sounds of your music. Microphones are everywhere in the studio and on the stage, and like any other piece of audio equipment, they can be used with a variety of accessories to keep them performing at their best. Windscreens and grilles may be simple components for the mic, but they make an important impact. The first and foremost reason to have a windscreen on your microphone is to improve the quality of the recorded sound. Acting as filters, these foam covers help to screen out popping and other unwanted air noise from wind and breath. With less audible interference from the ambient air, any microphone you use will deliver cleaner, crisper results. Microphone windscreens and grilles are also helpful to protect the delicate electronics in the microphone head. A windscreen doubles as an air filter to keep out dust and other particles, while the grille shields the microphone from physical bumps and drops. For the musician who likes to customize, foam windscreens come in a rainbow of colors. You can give each band member their own color microphone if you like, adding a little extra flair to your stage presence. If the drummer uses multiple microphones with different settings for each percussion instrument, how about using different windscreens to color-code the mics and make setting up a little easier? Colored windscreens can be cosmetic or practical, depending on how you use them. For every type of microphone, there are grilles and windscreens to fit. Use a rounded grille for your ball-shaped mic or a capsule grille for a shotgun microphone. Foam and fur windscreens come in a wide variety of shapes. With these protective shields over the heads of your microphones, they'll last longer and keep on sounding great.

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