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Behringer Recording Gear

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  1. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer NEKKST K8 Audiophile Bi-Amped 8" Studio Monitor
    Product Price $168.00
  2. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer TRUTH B2031A Active Monitor (Single)
    Product Price $218.00
  3. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer Expansion Card X-MADI
    Behringer Expansion Card X-MADI
    Product Price $248.00
  4. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer TRUTH B1031A 8" Active Studio Monitor
    Product Price $198.00
  5. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer MS16 Active Personal Monitor System
    Product Price $98.00
  6. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer MEDIA 40USB High-Resolution,150-Watt Bi-Amped Digital Monitor Speakers with USB Input
    Product Price $138.00
  7. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer 1C Studio Monitor Speakers Pair
    Behringer 1C Studio Monitor Speakers Pair
    Product Price $88.00
  8. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer TRUTH B1030A Active Monitor (Single)
    Product Price $138.00
  9. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer Expansion Card X-USB
    Behringer Expansion Card X-USB
    Product Price $128.00
  10. Behringer U-Phoria UM2
    Behringer U-Phoria UM2
    Product Price $48.00
  11. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer U-PHORIA UMC1820 USB Audio Interface
    Product Price $328.00
  12. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer U-PHORIA UMC404HD Audiophile
    Behringer U-PHORIA UMC404HD Audiophile
    Product Price $178.00
  13. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer U-PHORIA UMC204HD
    Behringer U-PHORIA UMC204HD
    Product Price $128.99
  14. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer U-PHORIA UMC202HD Audiophile 2x2, 24-Bit/192 kHz USB Audio Interface
    Product Price $118.00
  15. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer STUDIO 50USB High-Resolution, 150-Watt Bi-Amped Reference Studio Monitors with USB Input
    Product Price $148.00
  16. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer U-Phoria UMC22
    Behringer U-Phoria UMC22
    Product Price $68.00
  17. Behringer GUITAR 2 USB Guitar to USB Interface Cable
    Product Price $33.99
  18. Behringer U-CONTROL UCA202 USB-Audio Interface
    Product Price $28.99
  19. Behringer U-CONTROL UCA222 USB Audio Interface
    Product Price $38.00
  20. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer MIC500USB Audiophile Vacuum Tube Preamplifier with Preamp Modeling Technology and USB/Audio Interface
    Product Price $88.99
  21. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer TRUTH B2030A Active Monitor (Single)
    Product Price $148.00
  22. Behringer MIC 2 USB Microphone to USB Interface Cable
    Product Price $33.99
  23. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer MONITOR2USB Monitoring Controller
    Product Price $158.99
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  24. Behringer Guitar Link UCG102 USB Interface
    Behringer Guitar Link UCG102 USB Interface
    Product Price $38.00
  25. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer U-PHORIA STUDIO Complete Recording/Podcasting Bundle
    Product Price $108.99
  26. Behringer UPHONO UFO202 USB Audio Interface
    Product Price $38.00
  27. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer Complete Recording Bundle with High Definition USB Audio Interface, Condenser Microphone, Studio Headphones and More
    Product Price $158.99
  28. Value Added
    Behringer VOICE STUDIO Bundle With Studio Condenser Mic and Tube Preamplifier-USB/Audio Interface
    Product Price $129.99
  29. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer NEKKST K5 Audiophile Bi-Amped 5" Studio Monitor with Advanced Waveguide Technology
    Product Price $118.00
  30. 48-Month Financing**
    Behringer Digital Mixer Option X-ADAT
    Behringer Digital Mixer Option X-ADAT
    Product Price $198.99
From the beginning, Behringer has always been about one thing: making professional-quality audio equipment accessible to anybody. Uli Behringer knew from experience when he founded the company that it could be tough to gain a foothold in the music industry due to the costs of pro hardware. Today, Behringer makes everything in-house, which streamlines their manufacturing and allows them to keep a close eye on quality. The result is high-performance recording gear that doesn't require a second mortgage to own.  Music production is one of the most digitized creative fields out there, so USB audio interfaces are a key component of most home studios. Behringer has a few in their lineup, including the Firepower series, which are high-end rack-mount and tabletop audiophile interfaces. If you're just looking for a simple RCA-to-USB adapter, then take a look at the compact U-CONTROL interfaces. Or, for direct connection to a guitar for recording or using software effects and amps, consider the Guitar Link UCG102.

Behringer also has a few digital/analog converters to choose from, like the ADA8000, a 24-bit A/D/A converter kitted out with 8 channels and built-in phantom-powered mic preamps. This converter can feed a multitrack recorder or whatever ADAT-compatible equipment you'd like to feed a signal to, and it takes up just one rackspace. Its cousin is the SRC2496, which is the perfect translator between digital audio hardware that uses different formats. This interface converts signals on the fly, and also supports XLR, RCA and optical outputs, making it basically the ultimate audio middle-man.

Of course, all the interfaces and converters in the world won't go very far in the studio if you can't listen. That brings up one of the most important pieces of recording gear: studio monitors. Behringer has plenty of these to choose from, including active monitors like the Behritone C5A and most of the TRUTH series, which require only an audio source to work. For the purists among us who insist on passive monitors hooked up to a favorite amp, there are the TRUTH B2030P and B2031P nearfields.

No matter whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, a studio needs good-quality recording gear to produce the best results. You can expect just that from Behringer, with a good selection of equipment to help you build or update a digital recording studio that you can truly be proud of.
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