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A drum set wouldn't be complete without cymbals, and that goes for electronic drums just as much as it does for acoustic ones. In fact, picking out electronic cymbals is pretty much the same process as choosing traditional ones: they come in specialized varieties for ride, crash, hi-hat, effects and china, for example. Combine those designs with Pintech's impressive build quality, and you've got a recipe for the stellar line of Pintech electronic cymbals found right here.

If you're the sort of drummer who wants a really eye-catching setup, a good starting point with Pintech would be the VisuLite series. These cymbals come in a dozen different colors, including translucent, fluorescent and clear options, so they're amazing for personalizing your percussion kit. They've got the triggering power to back up their looks, too, with pro-oriented technology under the hood. If you're searching for a cymbal that's high-end but straightforward, check out the VisuLite chokeable crash or single-zone china and splash cymbals. Or, for some more advanced capabilities, consider adding the triple-zone ride cymbal to your setup.

Looking for cymbals that are low-key and affordable to a more casual performer than the VisuLite line? No problem: Pintech has some amazing choices in the PC Series. There are a number of single and dual-zone PC cymbals to choose from, so you're free to decide on the best configuration for your own preferences. And, like the VisuLite cymbals, the PC models are available in a packaged set so you've got an easy way to gear up even if it's from scratch.

Today's electronic cymbals are better than ever before. Paired with a great drum machine, they'll deliver sound so lifelike you'd swear they were acoustic cymbals. On top of that, they also give you the ability to use custom samples and effects for an incredible amount of versatility. Pintech electronic cymbals are great choices to top off an electronic drum set or even to use with acoustic drums for a hybrid setup - it all comes down to how you want to play them.