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There's nothing wrong with wanting more, especially when it comes to your instruments. It's no secret that Gibson is one of the world's best luthiers and their 6-string guitars are second to none, but some of us are still going to want more! The good news is that's easy to get - it can be as simple as adding extra strings. With Gibson 12-string acoustic guitars, you're getting the same Gibson build quality that made the company famous, and with the strings arranged in pairs, every strum creates a sound that's fuller, richer and just plain impressive whether you're on the stage or in your jam room at home.

It's been a long road for Gibson, from the day they were founded more than 100 years ago through the electric guitar revolution in which they helped lead the way. Since then, they're made sure to keep their standards just as high, creating instruments that aren't just guitars: they're works of art. Take a look at the Gibson Limited Edition Songwriter Special 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar to see what we mean. It looks and sounds gorgeous, with a design that combines Gibson's Jumbo series body style with the amazing tone and power of 12 strings. It's topped by Sitka spruce, with a tried-and-true bracing layout and traditional mahogany neck. The limited-edition Songwriter Special is acoustic-electric, with a Baggs Element pickup system, so it works perfectly with an acoustic guitar amp or even directly connected to a recording setup.

Not every guitarist likes to work with 12 strings, but if you're one that does, a Gibson 12-string acoustic guitar will reward you for it. Good things happen when you combine Gibson's attention to detail with an instrument design that packs so much power and character. Whether you're looking for your first foray into the world of 12 strings, or a guitar that can take you further on a path you've already started, Gibson is absolutely ready to make it happen.