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12 String Sets for Electric Guitar

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20% Off $99+ w/ Code: MEMBER
20% Off $99+ w/ Code: MEMBER

The jangly, ringing sound of a 12-string electric guitar has been favored by countless legendary players since rock'n'roll's inception. From George Harrison and Gordon Lightfoot to Jimmy Page and David Bowie, these artists recorded so many songs that simply wouldn't sound the same if a 12-string guitar wasn't used. Like any guitar, the strings you outfit it with will have a huge impact on its resulting tone, and on this page you'll find that 12 string sets for electric guitars are available from the best string brands on the market.

For a better idea of what string set is right for you, it helps to take a closer look at the details of each of your options. With that being said, you can trust that any one of these 12-string sets are specially-designed to hold up through countless strums and plucks. To kick things off, turn your attention to the Ernie Ball 2230 Nickel 12-String Slink Electric Guitar Strings. Made from pure nickel wire and wrapped around tin-plated, hex-shaped, steel core wire, these strings deliver a sound that's exceptionally balanced. In fact, Slinky strings are used by the likes of Steve Vai, Eric Clapton and Slash - so it's no surprise why this 12-string is a top-rated item.

Another popular string set comes from GHS. Better known as "The Power String", GHS Boomers are proving to be a huge hit with guitarists around the world, and their 12 String Light Electric Guitar Set (10-46) in this catalog just happens to be a top seller. Bright and long-lasting, you'll be blown away by how much a GHS Boom 12 String Guitar Set will improve your tone.

Even if your strings have yet to break, swapping them out for a new set can do wonders for your sound and your level of playing comfort. Not to mention, you should always have an extra set of strings in your gig bag anyway (to ensure you're prepared in the event of a string snap). In addition to the sets mentioned above, there are other 12 string sets for electric guitars here to be considered as well; jump into this section any time now and see for yourself.