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There's a lot more to building a world-class bass than just slapping some strings on a body and neck and calling it a day. Hofner is a great example of how to do it right, and they've got history to back them up as well. They were building acoustic instruments as far back as 1887, which meant that when electric basses began to emerge, they were in a great position to combine what they already knew with the potential of the new technology. Their biggest break came in the '60s, when Paul McCartney took to the stage with a Hofner 4-string electric bass: the 500/1. That got the world's attention, and Hofner still deserves it today.

If you want to follow in the Beatle's footsteps, you can still get your hands on a Hofner H500/1 Vintage 1964 Violin Electric Bass Guitar. It delivers all the sound and style that the British invasion is still known for, and on top of that, it's incredibly easy to play. You'll also find a great choice in the H500/1-CT Contemporary Series Violin Bass Guitar. This version is a modern spin on the legendary model, loaded with two original Hofner 511B "Staple" humbuckers.

For those of us who like Hofner build quality and style but aren't looking for a violin bass, the H500/2 Club Bass is the way to go. Its shape is a little less exotic, but make no mistake: it's still a Hofner, and it definitely delivers tone that lives up to the name. An even more interesting model is the Hofner Shorty Electric Bass. It's a travel-oriented axe with a unique design that brings down overall size without shrinking the scale length. Essentially, it's the Hofner that goes anywhere.

It's okay to indulge yourself, and for a bassist, there's no better way to do that than with a Hofner 4-string electric bass. They're the perfect combination of vintage styling, timeless sound and modern craftsmanship. From amazing tone to impeccable fit and finish, Hofner instruments really do have it all.