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Shopping for an entry-level guitar is never easy... at least, it wasn't, until Jasmine came along. By creating a lineup of well-built affordable instruments aimed squarely at beginners, they managed to take the challenge out of first-time guitar shopping. With Jasmine 6-string Acoustic Guitars, it's simple to find the right instrument to get you started no matter how new you are or what type of guitar you'd like to play. The craftsmanship and attention to detail you'll find in these 6-strings is at a level you'd expect to see with guitars costing two or three times as much, which is good news when you're on a tight budget and looking for dependable quality.

It's all based on a simple idea: that young and novice musicians should have a guitar that looks, sounds and feels high-end even from day one. On top of that, Jasmine knows that no one wants to be limited in choice, so they've pulled out all the stops to offer a complete selection ranging from small, travel-ready instruments like the JM-10 Mini Acoustic Guitar all the way up to full-sized dreadnoughts such as the S-35. You'll find cutaway and full-bodied models alike, so no matter what you're looking for, it's a safe bet that Jasmine makes it.

For a great example of what Jasmine can do, check out the JD-37 Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar. This instrument has a solid spruce top backed by advanced "X" bracing for durability and tonal stability. The back and sides are sapele, giving it a high-end look and feel with lots of playability. If an orchestral model is more your speed, take a look at the Jasmine S-34C Cutaway Acoustic Guitar. It's a Venetian-style beauty with a slim neck that makes fingering a breeze - perfect for developing your techniques.

If there's one thing every guitarist remembers, it's their first instrument. To find one worthy of being that memory, look no further than Jasmine 6-string Acoustic Guitars. They've struck the perfect balance between craftsmanship, tone, playability and affordability, so you can count on a reliable instrument ready to stay with you through years of playing and learning.