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Every guitarist knows what a fresh new set of strings can do for the sound and playability of their instrument; but this sentiment rings especially true for acoustic guitarists.  Thankfully, DR strings for acoustic guitars not only have a reputation for lasting long, but their tone quality holds up through even the most vigorous amounts of action. Made proudly in the USA, DR's 6 string sets for acoustic guitar are consistently endorsed by some of the world's most renowned acoustic players, including Peter Rowan, Ian Melrose, and Perry from The Band Perry. DR Strings are handcrafted with careful consideration to durability and tone by experts who are just as passionate about playing as you are; and it's for this reason that they continue to be trusted by players from all skill levels and budgets.

With a simple glance at DR's extensive catalog of 6 string acoustic guitar sets, you'll realize quickly that DR covers all areas of acoustic guitar playing by offering a wide range of gauges and styles. For players who desire a loud and warm sound, the Rare Phosphor Bronze acoustic strings possess a unique and different voice from the standard bronze string. With a distinct improvement in sustain and depth, these strings are built to last.  Another popular choice is the DR Black Beauty string. Using the latest coated technology, DR Black Beauties are pre-coated in black before winding, giving you extra life and protection on a string that plays both comfortably and smoothly.

The playability and tone of your acoustic guitar will depend greatly on the style of strings you use. With such a massive array of different strings available it can seem a bit overwhelming for novice musicians, but it won't take long before you find the perfect set of strings to suit your personal tastes and playing abilities, courtesy of DR.