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Dunlop 6 String Sets for Acoustic Guitar

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Finding an acoustic guitar string that's perfectly balanced in tone, comfort and strength is easy when you go with Dunlop. In fact, it's what Dunlop acoustic guitar strings are best known for. Through vigorous testing, Dunlop is always discovering new ways of designing strings that are bright, versatile, and durable enough to withstand excessive amounts of strumming and plucking.  Any experienced guitarist will tell you that the sound of an acoustic guitar depends greatly on the strings being used. While thicker gauge strings produce a strong, dynamic tone, lighter strings are much easier on the hands, which makes them ideal for beginner guitarists who are still in the process of building up finger calluses. Regardless of your playing level, you can bet that Dunlop has a string set that's thoroughly suited to your tastes and skill level.

Every 6 string set of Dunlop acoustic guitar strings delivers a brilliant and rich tone, and the Dunlop Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar strings are no exception. With a remarkably long staying power and fast break-in time, these Phosphor Bronze extra light replacement guitar strings ring with incredible clarity to give you a wonderfully expressive acoustic experience. For a string that delivers a crisp and full sound, the Dunlop Zakk Wylde Icon Series acoustic guitar strings are endorsed by the legend himself. Zakk Wylde's softer acoustic side has been well received by both critics and his fans, so you can be sure that he would never put his name on a product that's anything short of astounding.

Strings are an essential ingredient to the overall tone of your acoustic guitar, and Dunlop acoustic guitar strings are continuously used by the world's top acoustic guitar players because of their high quality and durability. In gig bags, rehearsal spaces, and concert stages all over the world, the Dunlop name can easily be found because players of all levels know how trustworthy the Dunlop name is.