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7+ String Guitar Pickups

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7-string electric guitars are ideal for players who want more freedom to show off their virtuosic talents. With that being said, making the most of your 7-string electric guitar abilities also means equipping your axe with pickups that were made with your hard-earned skills in mind. The good news is that 7-string guitar pickups are very easy to come by on today's music market. Just take a look through these pages and you'll discover high-quality 7-string guitar pickups from respected companies like DiMarzio, EMG and Seymour Duncan.

To speed up your search, it helps to understand the difference between passive and active pickups. Passive pickups are versatile and very popular among guitarists of all styles. Whether you play jazz, blues or classic rock, passive pickups are terrific because they respond to the dynamics of your playing technique. There are many best-selling passive pickups here, including the Seymour Duncan Invader 7-String Passive Guitar Pickup. This high output monster is constructed with 3 ceramic magnets, overwound coils and extra-large pole pieces. It delivers an aggressive, cutting sound that will impressive any 7-string guitarist who wants all eyes (and ears) in their direction.

As for active pickups, these have an onboard battery so you can boost or lower your sound. Active pickups are popular among metal guitarists because their signal is louder and they can provide a tight low end and consistent crunch. Sound appealing? Feast your eyes on the EMG 81-7X 7 String Active Guitar Pickup. The razor-sharp attack and amazing sustain of this pickup is perfect for soloing and it also comes at a very generous price.

And these two examples were only mentioned to give you a taste of what killer active and passive pickups await you in this catalog. There are many other top-rated active pickups here like the Seymour Duncan AHB-1b and the EMG 60-7X 7-String Active Guitar Pickup. While you're at it, be sure to check out the DiMarzio DP720 D Activator: this powerhouse offers the biting tone of an active pickup, but without the need of a battery. There's really no other way to say it, but you just hit the jackpot when it comes to 7-string guitar pickups.