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7 String Sets for Electric Guitar

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  1. Top Rated
    Ernie Ball 2730 Cobalt 7-String Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Electric Guitar Strings
  2. Top Rated
    D'Addario NYXL1164 7-String Medium Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings (11-64)
  3. Top Rated
    D'Addario EXL110-7 Lite 7-String Electric Guitar Strings
  4. Top Rated
    Ernie Ball 2621 Nickel 7-String Slinky Electric Guitar Strings
  5. Top Rated
    Ernie Ball 2623 Super Slinky 7-String Electric Guitar Strings
  6. Top Rated
    Dunlop Heavy Core 7-String Electric Guitar Strings - Heavy Gauge
  7. Top Rated
    D'Addario EXL120-7 Super Lite 7-String Electric Guitar Strings
  8. Dunlop Heavy Core 7-String Heavy Gauge Electric Guitar Strings - 3-Pack
  9. D'Addario NYXL1059 7-String Light Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings (10-59)
  10. Top Rated
    Ernie Ball 2620 Nickel 7-String Power Slinky Electric Guitar Strings
  11. Ernie Ball 2728 Cobalt 7-String Regular Slinky Electric Guitar Strings
  12. GHS Boomer 7 String Medium Heavy Electric Guitar Set (11-64)
  13. Top Rated
    GHS Electric Boomers 7-String Set - Medium
  14. D'Addario NYXL1074 8-String Light Top/Heavy Bottom Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings (10-74)
  15. LaBella HRS-73 7-String Electric Guitar Strings
  16. Elixir Elixir Strings 7-String Electric Guitar Strings with OPTIWEB Coating
    Starting at $16.89
  17. Top Rated
    Kerly Music Sinister Strings Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings - 7-String Heavy
  18. DR Strings Drop Down Tuning DDT Electric 7 String Set
  19. DR Strings Tite-Fit Nickel Plated 7-String Electric Guitar Strings Heavy (11-60)
  20. Elixir 7-String Electric Guitar Strings with NANOWEB Coating
    Starting at $14.89
  21. Top Rated
    DR Strings Tite-Fit MT7-10 Medium 7-String Nickel Plated Electric Guitar Strings
  22. LaBella HRS-75 7-String Electric Guitar Strings
  23. Top Rated
    GHS GB7L Boomers 7-String Electric Guitar Strings
  24. Top Rated
    D'Addario NYXL0980 8-String Super Light Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings (09-80)
  25. DR Strings BLACK BEAUTIES Black Coated Medium 7-String Electric Guitar Strings (10-56)
  26. In-cart Savings
    Ernie Ball Paradigm Skinny Top Heavy Bottom 7 Electric Guitar Strings
  27. DR Strings Hi-Def NEON Pink Coated Lite 7-String Electric Guitar Strings (9-52)
  28. LaBella HRS-71 7-String Electric Guitar Strings
  29. DR Strings BLACK BEAUTIES Black Coated Heavy 7-String Electric Guitar Strings (11-60)
  30. DR Strings Hi-Def NEON Green Coated Heavy 7-String Electric Guitar Strings (11-60)
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Some guitarists are always looking for new ways to broaden the horizons of their technique. If this sounds like you, then maybe it's time to move beyond a standard 6-string model and try a 7-string guitar. With the simple addition of 1 extra string, these guitars can completely change the way you approach your instrument. With that in mind, getting the most out of your playing starts with equipping your guitar with a set of quality strings, and within this catalog you'll find an impressive range of 7-string sets to make your playing experience an enjoyable one.

Metal guitarists are more than familiar with 7-string guitars. In fact, the extra string is used quite often by metalheads to make their riffs heavier. Thankfully, today's top string brands specialize in their own 7-string sets, many of which are crafted specifically for today's most furious shredders. For example, check out the Dunlop Heavy Core 7-string set. Designed with Dunlop's proprietary core-to-wrap ratios that are carefully calculated so players can really dig into their performance, Heavy Core strings are an ideal balance of exceptional tone and feel.

Of course, not every 7-string guitarist wants a loud and heavy sound. Extended range guitars are also used often in classical and jazz, and the D'Addario EXL120-7 Super Lite strings are world-famous for being "The Player's Choice". Known for their crisp tone and amazing intonation, these strings have a consistency and strength unlike any other set, and applying them to your axe would be a definite upgrade.

Guitars are incredibly versatile instruments, and to have a talent like playing one, it only makes sense to explore other genres... after all, being open to other styles can only make you a better musician. If you're thinking about trying a 7-string electric guitar, just remember that a perfect set of strings can easily be found, right here in this section.

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