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Everyone is familiar with instrument cases and gig bags: guitarists carrying their beloved instruments around the airport, drummers wheeling round cases along... we've seen it all before. But what might not occur to everybody is that lighting techs and DJs need cases, too. In fact, stage equipment can be much bigger and heavier than most instruments, which makes the need for a durable case even more crucial. Thankfully, Arriba is more than ready to fulfill that need, offering an impressive range of cases and accessories to get your stage setup safely from point A to point B.

Starting from the ground up is always a good idea, so you might want to look at cases for your trusses and stands first. Take the AC-180 Lighting Truss Rolling Bag for example. It has a set of smooth-running, durable wheels at the bottom, strong enough to bear the weight of the truss so that you don't have to. For your smaller individual stands, check out the Arriba Cases AS-171 Deluxe Tripod Speaker Stand Bag. This lightweight carrying bag holds two stands, and it's easy to sling over your shoulder to carry them back and forth through the backstage doors.

For your main lighting equipment and speakers, there are lots of different shapes and sizes of Arriba cases, so finding the right fit ought to be a breeze. A 15" speaker is snugly protected by the AS-175 bag, which thoughtfully provides a handle and wheels to save your back from having to lug heavy cabinets around. This bag also has room for the speaker's stand, which is a trend with Arriba cases: most have space not only for the equipment, but also for its hardware, so you can keep everything together and organized.

Whatever you're looking to transport, be it PAR cans, pinspots, specialty lighting fixtures or even mirror balls, Arriba makes a case to suit. The road can be a rough place for stage equipment, even over short distances, so the importance of protecting it can't be overstated - which is why Arriba's lineup of cases and accessories is the first place you should come after each equipment purchase you make.