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As a performer who uses a keyboard to express yourself musically, you know it takes more than just a great instrument to get your melody across. It also takes quality accessories to ensure that you're going to be able to be heard loud and clear, whether you're practicing with the band, recording in the studio, or performing live. Because accessories play such an important role in completing your setup, it only makes sense that you'd want to get yours from a company with the trust and respect of the music industry. That's where Casio comes into the picture. With decades of experience producing fantastic instruments and equally impressive accessories, they have a keen sense of exactly the things that any musician will need to sound their best.

Casio knows that no two musicians are entirely alike, which is why they've crafted a solid variety of accessories that can suit the needs of any performer. For anyone who is not entirely sure which accessory is right for them, may we suggest you start by checking out our best sellers? For example, the Casio Stand and 3-Pedal Bundle is an ideal choice for any performer who uses the Privia PX-150 & PX-350 Keyboards. Not only can this stand boost the height of your instrument, it also offers the convenience of a damper, a soft, and a sustain pedal. By offering a stable and secure perch for your piano or keyboard, this stand is absolutely essential for your setup.

Another great accessory available here from Casio, especially if you're looking for a more economical stand, is the Keyboard X-Stand. This classic stand is double braced for added strength, and is a breeze to setup and use anywhere you take your keys. Able to support 150 pounds, this stand is definitely worth a look.

And these are only two of the Casio accessories available here. Whether you're looking for a stand, sustain pedals, a gig bag, or something else entirely, you can be confident that Casio has you and your needs covered.