Dean Accessories

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Every rocker knows that it takes a lot more than a cool guitar and a wicked amp to sound your absolute best on stage and in the studio. If you want to make your rock and roll dreams come true, you're also going to need world-class accessories that can help you and your music shine. Perhaps no one knows more about making your music stand out than Dean. Since 1977, Dean has been crafting impressive instruments and accessories that have gone a long way in helping musicians take it to the next level. Loved by their fans and respected by their peers, Dean Accessories are a must have for any performer.

Dean offers a wide variety of accessories in this section, so you're certain to be able to find exactly what you need. By far, Dean's most popular accessories are their cases, with their Acoustic Bass Hardshell Case being one of our best sellers. This classic case presents a rugged look for your Dean Performer Acoustic-Electric Bass and EAB series basses when they're not in use. Durably designed and built to last, you won't want to go far without this case.

Of course, if you're a shredder who rocks the Flying V electric guitar, you're going to want a case like the V Hardshell Guitar Case. This case was made to keep your V safe when not in use. Crafted to withstand the rigors of the road, this case offers unbeatable protection, security, and peace of mind.

Dean accessories are more than just cases, however. Maybe you're looking to ramp up your tone? If so, look no further than the DimeTime Humbucker Pickup. These humbuckers are inspired by the legendary Dimebag Darrell and the guitar he used to record Pantera's iconic Cowboys From Hell album. If you're looking for a crunch that sounds like it's rising up from the depths, you've definitely come to the right place.

Dean puts as much effort into crafting their accessories as they do their instruments. This dedication has resulted in gear you know you can depend on, from the first day you use it, to the last night of the tour, and beyond.