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Whether it's a new investment or a long-trusted companion, you love your instrument. A guitar that's well-protected can look and sound amazing for decades, which is why it's so important to keep it in great shape and treat it right. That's where Godin accessories come in. Godin has been making guitars for over 4 decades, so it's safe to say they know the instrument and how to best protect it. With Godin's variety of accessories, you'll have no problem defending, transporting and make the most out of your guitar.

An excellent bag option for students and other players on the go is the Godin VBG SE Gig Bag. This soft bag fits many Godin and other solid and hollow-body electric guitars and guards them against bumps and the stresses of the elements. It has multiple pockets for all your books and accessories as well as a carrying handle and backpack straps, making it ideal for toting your instrument to school, lessons or gigs.

Are you looking for even better protection in a more streamlined package? If so, the Godin VFFX Hardshell Guitar Case is worth a look. It's crafted from durable hardwood to guard the rigors of the road, with a plush, form-fitting interior to keep your guitar from moving around. It even has a large compartment inside for storing strings, picks and all your other accessories.

For truly comprehensive protection, though, the Godin TRIC Multiac SA/Encore/AC S Deluxe is second to none. It's made from expanded polypropylene to provide your acoustic or semi-acoustic instrument with the same level of shock absorption that bicycle helmets and car bumpers provide, yet weighs less than 4 pounds. Meanwhile, the tongue-and-groove fitting all the way around the case is hermetically sealed, and the bag is tested to -31 degrees and +150 degrees Fahrenheit to provide your guitar with its own temperature and humidity-controlled environment.

No matter your transportation needs, Godin's selection of accessories includes something to meet them. Their years of experience and attention to detail have made them a trusted brand among hobbyists and professionals alike, and that's the kind of reputation you want a company to have when you're putting your instrument's safety in their hands.