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Whether you're looking for a cool gadget to instantly record your musical ideas or simply need a new case for your mandolin, Ovation's passion for music is obvious in every accessory they construct. Of course, it's really no surprise when you consider that Ovation has been in the music game since 1965. Today, the Ovation name can be found on stages and in recording studios all around the globe, and their dedicated team puts the same amount of effort and detail into their accessories as they do their instruments.

Throughout this catalog, you'll notice quickly that Ovation specializes in a wide range of cases for each of their instrument models. With that in mind, the right case or gig bag for you will depend on what Ovation guitar you own. For example, the 8158 Guitar Case provides exceptional protection for Ovation guitars with deep and mid-depth bodies. Featuring a molded shell with shock absorbing structure, plush lining, heavy duty hinges, and aluminum valences, the 8158 Guitar Case, like every Ovation case or gig bag, is both stylish and lightweight.

Another cool Ovation accessory is the Celebrity OPI-1 iDea Retrofit Preamp and MP3 Recorder. With this easy-to-use preamp, you can record licks and rhythms immediately with your Ovation instrument. In fact, the Celebrity OPI-1 preamp can even lay down riffs and vocals at the same time from your guitar pickup and built-in mic, and allows over 100 minutes of MP3 sound. Additionally, you can even download lessons and backing tracks to play along with for the purpose of sharpening your skills. Simply put, the Celebrity OPI-1 iDea would make an essential addition to any Ovation guitarist's toolbox.

As any owner of an Ovation guitar will tell you, their instruments are truly one of a kind. For this reason, it only makes sense for Ovation musicians to take advantage of their unique line of accessories... and for that, you've definitely come to the right spot.