QSC Accessories

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Considering QSC has been a leading manufacturer in professional audio systems since 1968, it's really no surprise that they also specialize in all kinds of accessories to make a sound engineer's job easier. From cases and gig bags, to outdoor covers, eyebolt kits and more, QSC puts the same amount of effort into their accessories as they do their audio equipment. After all, putting on the performance of a lifetime goes far beyond instruments, speakers, and mixers. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes players as well, and many of these unsung heroes can be found right here in this section.

With so many different accessories to choose from, you might be wondering where to start first. You can always begin with QSC's line of tote bags. Durable and stylish, a QSC tote bag will not only make transportation feel effortless, but it will also ensure your gear is protected from any sudden changes in weather. For a great example, take a look at the QSC K12. Designed for moving your K12 speaker safely, this bag is constructed of a weather-resistant, heavy-duty nylon/Cordura material, and it also has side-flap access to your speaker's top handle for a carrying option.

QSC also offers a wide range of covers, and the KSub speaker cover is a top seller. Soft and well-padded, this cover features a grille guard and a strap for securing K Series 2-way speakers on top. Overall, you can take comfort in knowing that your Ksub subwoofer is safe and sound when it's shielded with this cover. While you're at it, check out the K Series M10 mounting eyebolt kit. Containing everything you need to suspend your K8, K10, or K12 loudspeaker, this popular kit is an ideal solution for achieving optimal acoustics in a variety of settings.

When you have a knack for sound engineering, you deserve to hone your craft comfortably, and when you're armed with the right accessories, you can. The simple truth is that QSC's accessories have been designed to make any task at hand feel less like a job, and more like an exciting adventure, so be sure to explore their entire catalog of choices.