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When we think of TASCAM, the first things that come to mind are probably audio recorders. That's no surprise - those are what they're best known for, after all. But there's more to them than that. In this lineup of TASCAM accessories you'll find a few gadgets that take advantage of those recording roots, and you'll also see some gear that shows what else TASCAM can do. There is one trait that everything here has in common with their recorders, though: high standards for design and build quality that easily rank them at the high end of the pro audio market.

Tuners and trainers make up the biggest share of TASCAM accessories. This is where you'll find them borrowing elements from their recorders, such as in the TASCAM GB-10 Guitar/Bass Trainer/Recorder. But recording is simply a perk with these devices - their real strength is manipulation. You can use them to slow down your favorite song to help ease into those really tough passages, allowing you to practice at a slower tempo to get the hand motions and chord transitions down. In fact, those same speed adjustments can even come in handy with recordings of your own playing: by slowing it down, you can really pinpoint the exact spots that are tripping you up, and that's the first step to conquering them.

Some of the accessories in this section are more straightforward than the trainers. Take the TASCAM TC-1S Chromatic Tuner, for instance: it's a basic, easy-to-use way to make sure your tuning is always pitch-perfect. Another sweet option is the TASCAM TC-04R Audio Cable. As simple a thing as a patch cord is, you'll thank yourself in the long run for buying one as well-made as TASCAM's. Speaking of cords, are you looking for a power adapter for your TASCAM gear? Those are in this section as well.

One of the marks of a great pro audio equipment maker is diversity, and these TASCAM accessories certainly prove that TASCAM has it. If you thought that there was nothing more to TASCAM than recorders, hopefully these accessories have changed your mind about that... and, with any luck, have shown you something that you'll be excited to add to your gear collection.