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Percussion is one of the oldest kinds of instrument in the world, and Ludwig has been making it for a long, long time. Founded more than 100 years ago in Chicago by two brothers, the company had a humble start making a brand-new (at the time) style of bass drum pedal. That was enough to get them up and running, but it turned out to be their first snare drums, released in the '20s, that really made headlines. Since then, Ludwig acoustic drum sets have grown into some of the most sought-after percussion instruments anywhere.

What's even better news is that Ludwig's line of drum sets offers something for anyone. Take the Junior Outfit Drum Set for instance - this compact kit is sized for younger players so they can start working on their drumming skills without having to wait until they grow into a full-sized set. With tunable heads, an adjustable drum throne and a full set of hardware, it's a serious starter kit that easily fits any parent's budget.

Maybe you're a full-grown beginner, or just looking for a casual acoustic drum set for banging around on the weekends? Get in on the ground level with kits like the Accent Series Complete Drum Set or Ludwig Breakbeats by Questlove 4-Piece Shell Pack. They're extremely accessible drum kits that really invite you to sit down and play, delivering solid Ludwig sound to drummers of any experience level.

Of course, if you're a discerning pro and you're looking for the best of the best, Ludwig acoustic drum sets can cover you as well. Advanced players will want to start their search with high-end kits like the Legacy Classic Liverpool 4 4-Piece Shell Pack or Ludwig Classic Maple 4-Piece Shell Pack with 22" Bass Drum. Since these sets are in the form of shell packs, they give you the freedom to choose your own preferred hardware - a must for any professional drummer.

Looking at the big picture, there's only one person who's qualified to decide which drums are best for you, and that person is yourself. What we can say with confidence is that there's a Ludwig acoustic drum set somewhere in this section that practically has your name on it. With a little browsing, you'll definitely find the right option in Ludwig's impressive lineup.