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Pork Pie Percussion not only gets attention with their unique name, they also get noticed for their amazing line-up of drums. Take it from industry pros like Marky Ramone from the Ramones and Matt Hayward from Band of Skulls, these drums are made to rock. From straightforward sets all the way up to top-of-the-line kits, Pork Pie has you covered when it comes to a cool combination of stage presence and sound. Don't take our word for it, check out the instruments in this section and see for yourself why Pork Pie is a leader in acoustic drums sets.

If you're in the market for a compact kit that doesn't skimp on sound, take a look at Pork Pie's 3-Piece Rock Shell Pack. A solid foundation for your drum set, this no-muss no-fuss kit comes with a kick drum, mounted tom and floor tom, all which boast a smooth, clear lacquer finish. With their 8-ply nyatoh shells, these drums pump out a warm, rounded tone with medium attack, perfect for the versatile drummer who's into a variety of different genres.

For the musician who likes to be seen as much as they like to be heard, there Pork Pie's 4-Piece Candy Red/Black Satin Shell Pack. This stage-commanding set of drums comes with a kick, snare, mounted tom and floor tom, all which feature an eye-catching red to black ombré finish. All the shells in this set are made of maple with hand-sanded bearing edges that are precision cut for outstanding sound resonance and tonal quality.

While these are just a few examples of Pork Pie's impressive collection of drums and drum kits, it's definitely worth further exploring what they have to offer. Pork Pie has something for every musician, whether you're looking to add to an existing set or are in the market for a completely fresh kit. Hungry for killer sound? Check out Pork Pie Percussion.