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Innovation, quality and customer focus - that's what drives Crush Drums & Percussion. A company made of up drummers looking to improve the industry as a whole, they set themselves apart by thinking about things from the drummer's perspective. With a distinct look and equally vibrant sound, every Crush instrument was made to steal the show. Started in 2011, Crush Drums & Percussion has already made an impact in the music industry. Spanning multiple genres, professionals everywhere, like Clint Carpenter of Uncle Kracker, Flo Rida's Stanley Ingram and Chris Clark of Yelawolf, all trust Crush when it comes to their kits. And with their roster of artists still growing, Crush is an exciting brand that musicians everywhere are taking notice of.

From full kits to individual pieces, Crush can help you fine-tune your setup, or provide you with a new one altogether. If you're looking for a kit that will stand out for its appearance as much as its sound, attack the stage with the Chameleon Ash 5-Piece Shell Pack with 24" Bass or Sublime E3 Maple 4-Piece Shell Pack High Gloss Lacquer. Both kits feature a mix of toms, kicks and snares, as well as a 24" bass to bring the boom. Blending power, tone and dynamic styling, these drums are a progressive take on the classic design.

If you're more concerned with individual parts, Crush Drums & Percussion have you covered as well. From toms like the Chameleon Ash Floor Tom and the Sublime E3 Maple Tom, to one-off bass drums like the Chameleon Ash Bass Drum, Crush lets you customize your kit's range and attack. Heavy-duty and crafted to produce a variety of tones, the strength and sweeping power of these drums are second to none.

Are you ready to get serious about your drumming? Because Crush Drums & Percussion are ready to help you take your sound to levels you've only dreamed of. Cleanly styled with a detailed construction, every one of these instruments was crafted to bring out your best.