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For Natal Drums, it's always been about research and development, pushing the limit on what British percussion should look and sound like. Evolving over the years to accommodate the changes in drummers' needs, the spirit and goals of Natal have never wavered, constantly focusing on quality and originality. If you are familiar with guitar amplification then you have definitely heard of Marshall amps. What you may not know is that Jim Marshall (creator of the aforementioned brand) was also an avid drummer, providing special insight to the Natal team as they created their innovative line. Even going so far as building their acoustic drums right in the Marshall factory in England, these instruments have set the bar for quality manufacturing.

Unique in appearance and dynamic in tone and projection, these sets were made to blow the roof off any venue. Options like the Birch Fusion 22 Plus 6-Piece Shell Pack and the Maple Rock 5-Piece Shell Pack Copper Sparkle sound incredible and are durably constructed, offering fantastic response and strong gain. After years of fine-tuning, these kits represent all the work Natal has put into refining their instruments. If you are after something truly special though, you have to take some time looking at the Limited Edition Jim Marshall Maple 4-Piece Shell Pack. Inspired by 1940s style and featuring a 100% maple shell construction, a vintage grill-cloth side kick drumhead, and gold fittings and hardware, this extremely rare kit was designed to honor Jim Marshall himself.

As well, if you are in need of individual parts to enhance your current setup, you'll find them here too. From vintage snares like the Limited Edition Series Old World Bronze Snare Drum, to more modern toms like the Ash Series Floor Tom, the selection here is as versatile as the instruments themselves.

Brought to the forefront of the music scene by legendary bands like Led Zepplin, Feetwood Mac and the Rolling Stones, these British-designed drums have always had a reputation for consistent and powerful performance. Currently played by Sean Moore of the Manic Street Preachers, Adam Ant drummer Andy Woodard, and former Whitesnake drummer Brian Tichy, Natal drums still deliver the same quality sound and range as they have for the past 60 years.

Crafted to same high standards as their Marshall amp counter-parts, Natal drums having been taking the drumming world by storm for decades now. Trail-blazers of design and construction, Natal continues to push the music industry forward with their incredible kits, toms, snares and bass drums.