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As the old saying goes, a band is only as good as their drummer. After all, a drummer's job is to keep everyone in sync and on time, and maintain a steady groove for the other members to follow. They truly are the heartbeat of a group, and with Pulse, a strong and confident performance is always possible. Dedicated to providing percussionists of all playing styles with drums that are durable and responsive, Pulse acoustic drums are trusted by players from around the globe, and this section has everything from piccolo snares to even monster 8-piece kits.

So what kit is right you? Pulse has plenty of options to choose from depending on your own preferences and level of skill. For example, if you're purchasing drums for a youngster, check out the 3-piece deluxe junior set. Featuring a 16" x 12" kick drum, an 8" x 4" tom, a 10" x 4" snare, and a 12" ride cymbal with a bass drum mounted ride cymbal stand, this set is small in size, affordable, and an exceptional starting point for any future star.

Of course, Pulse also has a wide range of kits for experienced players too, and the 4000 Series 8-piece kit is a powerful beast that's ideal for today's hard-hitting drummer. Consisting of 8-ply popular shells and 45-degree bearing edges for a quick and tight sound, this double-bass shell pack is versatile, expressive, and will most certainly hold up through countless whacks and thwacks. Additionally, these drums include a full PDP 800 Series hardware pack to ensure a strong and sturdy performance night after night.

You could be the greatest drummer of all time, but in order for others to realize your talent, you need a set that was built by professional craftsmen who love playing just as much as you do. With that in mind, you can take comfort in knowing that Pulse acoustic drums have come to life through a passion for the beat you create with them.