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Founded in 1975, Taye Drums was originally a white-label drum maker that built percussion for a variety of the world's most well-known brands. Once they had some experience and more than a few innovations under their belt, Taye moved on to offering their own self-branded products directly to musicians. They've been a hit with drummers ever since, and the many improvements they made to antiquated mounting systems have established Taye drums as some of the easiest acoustic drum sets to set up and take down, so you can go from the tour van to the stage in record time. If you're just picking up the sticks for the first time or looking for accessible quality to audition for your first gig, a good starting point would be the Galactic Audition kit, which features poplar shells and all of Taye's easy-to-use mounting systems. Poplar shells are also used in the RockPro, a set that aims to bring pro-level features to every drummer. Check out the GoKit line if you want a drum set that's compact and portable, or the StudioMaple shell packs if you're looking for a well-balanced, warm percussion tone for the stage or the studio. For the discerning pro, Taye also offers the no-holds-barred Original Craftsman Series 5-piece Maple Shell Pack, a drum kit that takes artisanship to a whole new level.

Taye also has a good selection of individual snares in their lineup to give you the freedom to customize your set. If you're into the sharp, punchy sound of a metal snare, you'll find some great choices in the Standard Series and MetalWorks snare drums. These come in stainless steel or brass and, for the MetalWorks models, offer you the choice between standard lugs or vintage-style tube lugs. For wooden snare loyalists, there's the StudioBirch, a beautiful-looking and sounding snare with a 6-ply birch shell and 14-ply maple hoops.

In addition to shell packs, the RockPro, GoKit and StudioMaple lineups each have floor and rack toms available to expand your setup. There's also the ProX 10" rack tom, and that carries into bass drums as well with the ProX 22" model. Another great bass drum choice is the StudioBirch, which features the same 7-ply shell construction as its snare drum cousin.

Every drum and ensemble in the Taye lineup is a player-centric instrument that's worth a serious look, from the most basic MetalWorks snare all the way up to the flagship Original Craftsman shell pack. All you need to do is pick out the drums that best appeal to you and you'll be well on your way to experiencing Taye's renowned quality first-hand.