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The case or gig bag you choose for your acoustic guitar will play a significant role in the overall staying-power of the instrument. For this reason, the case or gig bag you go with should be more than worthy of safeguarding your instrument when it's not being used, and for that, Gator has you (and your instrument) covered. A leader in instrument case solutions since 2000, Gator's acoustic guitar cases and gig bags are used by both professional and amateur musicians all over the globe. Whether you prefer the bold projection of a dreadnought or the portability of a mini-acoustic, the perfect solution for you can be found right here.

Before choosing a case or a gig bag, it never hurts to consider your own needs and preferences first. For example, are you a musician who tours often, or are you simply looking for a gig bag to make moving from point A to point B more comfortable? The simple truth is that a casual guitarist wouldn't require anything overtly heavy-duty, and the good news is that Gator offers an impressive variety of soft-shell gig bags that are light on both your shoulders and your wallet. Just take a look at the GBE-Dread. Constructed with a 600-denier nylon exterior and 420-denier nylon interior, this gig bag also contains 2/5" of padding for additional protection. Plus, the GBE-Dread also boasts a comfortable shoulder strap and an exterior pocket for your gig accessories.

Now, for guitarists who tour often, check out the GC-DREAD-12 Deluxe. Featuring an ABS exterior with an aluminum valance and spring-loaded twist latches, this hard-shell beauty fits both 6- and 12-string dreadnoughts like a glove. Additionally, the EPS foam interior with deep plush lining ensures your most cherished instrument is safe anywhere you take it.

As you can see, you have plenty of cases and gig bags to choose from when you go with Gator. The simple truth is that everyone should own a case or gig bag for their guitar. Even if it never leaves the house, a case or gig bag will not only protect your instrument from dust and grime, but it will also give you peace of mind in knowing that the only person who's laying their hands on your axe is you.