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Whether you're a professional musician or a casual hobbyist, you want to ensure your acoustic guitar is properly stored and protected when not in use. Luckily SKB is in the business of providing gig bags and cases to performers all over the globe. For four decades, customers have trusted these bags to keep their prized instrument in tip-top shape whether stored in a home closet or an airplane luggage compartment. One look at SKB's impressive selection of acoustic guitar cases and gig bags and you'll understand why they are considered simply the best travel buddies on the market today.

Started in Anaheim California in 1977, SKB is dedicated to providing bags and cases for every type of acoustic guitar. Before you decide on a case, take some time to think about what kind of bag you need. For those who tend to perform close to home and not on the road, a portable, lightweight, soft shell case that slings over your shoulder is an excellent option. However, if you're a more seasoned traveler and your guitar spends a lot of time in tour vans and airports, a heavier, rugged, hard shell case is a better choice.

One of SKB's top rated models is the Injection Molded Waterproof Acoustic Case, considered a "Fort Knox" for your dreadnought guitar. Made of ultra-high grade polypropylene resin, this airtight case is resistant to impact damage, corrosion and water, and features TSA-approved locks for added security. If you're looking for SKB's superior protection but in a more lightweight design, the Exp/Fire Guitar Soft Case offers the same rigid foam inserts as a hardshell case but with the ease and portability of a gig bag. Still rugged and water-resistant, this bag has a sturdy nylon exterior for excellent protection and storage capability.

Overall, SKB offers a fantastic lineup of cases for a wide variety of acoustic guitars. As a musician, you want to focus on your music instead of the condition of your instrument when it's out of your hands. With an SKB bag in your gear, you can do just that.