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In order to fully realize your playing potential, you need an instrument that's crafted by experts who use only the finest materials. For this reason, acoustic guitar players have continuously relied on Cordoba to provide them with exceptional durability and playability. Since 1997, Cordoba acoustic guitars have been highly reputed around the globe for their pristine clarity and tone. So whether you're a touring road warrior or just starting out with a few chords, you'll have no problem finding the perfect acoustic guitar right here from Cordoba's extensive catalog of options.

Why go with a Cordoba acoustic guitar? From superbly balanced dreadnoughts to compact travel companions, Cordoba has an acoustic guitar for every skill level and style. Cordoba is well-known for the astounding consistency of every acoustic guitar they manufacture. In fact, Cordoba acoustic guitars are used by many famous recording artists, including the Decemberists, Leonard Cohen, Selah Sue and more.

Cordoba believes that music is a part of every adventure, and no acoustic guitar symbolizes that belief better than the Cordoba La Playa Travel SS acoustic-electric. A 1/2-sized steel string cutaway model with a built-in pickup, this instrument is ideal for anywhere life takes you, from the beach to your own place of solitude, wherever that may be. Another popular option is the Cordoba Acero D10 acoustic guitar. For players who are searching for a darker and more charismatic tone, the rosewood design of this all-solid steel string guitar is constructed from a classical guitar building perspective. Overall, it's extremely fun to play and stays in tune remarkably well.

You've already proven to have the music inside you. It only makes sense to share it with the world on an acoustic guitar that brings you countless years of musical enjoyment. For that, a Cordoba acoustic guitar is more than worthy of aspiring you to greatness.