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With all the music industry has to offer, it's safe to say that we've entered a sort of golden age of instrument and style options. For any sound you could ever think to play, there's almost certainly a way to do it - and electronic instruments have had a huge role in making that a reality. At the same time, acoustic instruments are definitely here to stay, thanks to their unique characteristics that no microchip can reproduce with 100% fidelity. Keeping that in mind, it makes total sense that more and more instruments and accessories are bridging the boundary between acoustic and electric - like the acoustic to electric conversion kits you'll find in this section.

What does adding one of these kits do for your drums? Functionally, as the name suggests, it will turn them from acoustic drums into electronic ones. They'll still look like an acoustic set, of course, but the pads will mute them and the sound will be generated by an electronic head unit instead. This way, you'll get the customizable programming of electronic drums without having to give up the iconic look and familiar layout of your acoustic set. And since the acoustic to electric conversion kits can be taken off again, they allow you to switch back and forth between acoustic and electric, all while using the same set of drums.

It's up to you to decide which acoustic to electric conversion kits you'd like to try out with your drums. That choice can be as simple as matching them to your playing habits - for instance, if you're a casual player, the Pintech Double Zone Acoustic to Electric Drum Conversion Kit is an affordable way to go. Or, if you want professional-grade performance, check out the Traps Drums Power Pads E-400. These are just two suggestions, so take a look through the whole section and see what else it has to offer! Chances are, you'll know the best kit for your needs when you see it.