Acoustic Violas

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Larger and deeper in voice compared to the violin, acoustic violas (also known as classical violas) have played a huge role in orchestral music since they were developed in the late 18th century. Whether you're a beginner, high-school band student or a veteran of the stage, this catalog is loaded with acoustic violas for every taste. From Bellafina and Cremona to Karl Willhelm and Ren Wei Shi, these string instrument manufacturers (along with many others) are renowned for their beautifully-crafted acoustic violas and many of their models can be found in this section.

Obviously your current skill level will need to be taken into consideration before any quick decisions are made on a specific acoustic viola. Of course, we all have our own preferences from a visual standpoint too, and delving into the details of each model will give you a better idea of how they differ in terms of wood type. To aid in your comfort, many acoustic violas are now fitted with chin rests as well.

If it's a student acoustic viola that you're after, Bellafina has many best sellers here, including their Musicale Series Viola Outfit. This model in particular was designed to help an aspiring youngster learn the violin properly before joining a school orchestra. Boasting an eye-catching finish, aged spruce and maple and paired with a Brazilwood horsehair bow and custom-shaped case, The Bellafina Musicale produces a warm tone and is very easy to play.

Or, if you're an older student who is ready to make the jump to a higher-quality viola, try a model like the Knilling Heritage Viola Outfit. This solid-carved German instrument is made from choice European spruce and seasoned maple and features 4 Bushman tuners and inlaid purfling. Additionally, it comes with a thermoplastic case, fiberglass blow, rosin and a pitchpipe. As for all you experienced pros, check out the Maple Strings Emperor Artisan Collection Viola. Hand varnished and sporting carefully-selected tonewoods, it's easy to tell that this viola was carved by Maple Leaf's best luthiers.

While plenty of top-notch electric violas can be found on today's music market, you simply can't beat the traditional aesthetics and classic, slender-neck of an acoustic model. Hopefully the choices mentioned above gave you a good idea of what can be found in these pages - and you can trust us when we say that there are many other acoustic violas here that deserve your attention.