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When it comes to the saxophone, you've got a lot of options. Among the most popular is the alto saxophone. Beloved in the jazz and classical music communities, alto saxophones have been used by artists such as Clarence Clemons, Charlie Parker, Kenny G, John Coltrane, Paul Desmond, David Sanborn and more. With artists like that leaving their special mark on the instrument, it only makes sense that you want to add your name to this list with an alto saxophone made by a quality manufacturer like Yamaha. With over a century of experience crafting musical instruments, Yamaha definitely knows what it takes to build an alto saxophone you'll be proud to call your own.

Yamaha's alto saxophones are built for performers who are serious about their craft, which means regardless of the instrument you choose, you're in for something special. If you're not sure which Yamaha alto saxophone is best for you, why not start by checking out some of our best sellers? For example, the YAS-62III Professional Alto Saxophone is a beautiful instrument that takes a classic and makes it even better. A longtime favorite of band directors and performers, this alto saxophone features a narrow bore for a fast response and incredible control. Its 62 style neck gives the YAS-62III a fantastic flow of air, which is perfect for you tonal core, and its engraving is a thing of beauty you'll simply have to see to believe. With immaculate looks and a beautiful sound to match, this alto saxophone is a wonderful option for any performer.

If you're the kind of performer who expects nothing short of the best, you'll definitely want to play the YAS-875EX Custom Series Alto Saxophone. This breath taking alto saxophone offers an impressive depth and smoothness which results in a dynamic range you'll appreciate. Able to project loud and clearly with plenty of character and resonance, this alto saxophone will quickly become your absolute favorite.

Yamaha alto saxophones are as much works of art as they instruments. Able to bring your music to life like never before, a Yamaha alto saxophone is a must for any true saxophonist.