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Alto & Tenor Horn Cases & Gig Bags

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Whether you're in a brass band or an orchestra, chances are that sooner or later you'll be taking your alto or tenor horn on the road. A sturdy gig bag or case is basic equipment for any musician, keeping you ready to pack up and go where the concerts or marches take you. The more you travel, the more important it is to have good protective gear—and it'll help you stay organized while you're at it. First and foremost, a brass instrument is a serious investment. The last thing you want to see between plays is a fresh dent or scratch on your shiny new horn, and even less so if you have an irreplaceable vintage model. A gig bag or case shields your valuable alto or tenor horn from those scuffs and bumps, which gives you the welcome relief of rarely, if ever, having to see the inside of an instrument repair shop. Many horns come from the factory already supplied with a rigid case, and these will give you great protection—but they also tend to be bulky and heavy. Gig bags are made to remedy this problem, offering a lightweight alternative that takes up less room at home or in hotels, and is a bit easier to carry. Another advantage of gig bags is that they are easier on the things around them, meaning you can set your bagged instrument on a car or bus seat without having to worry about metal edges or hinges tearing up the upholstery. As a horn player, you're used to the high level of maintenance that alto and tenor horns require just to keep them in good working order. To accomplish this, you're regularly using oils, cloths, and other cleaning tools and essentials. Not only that, but you probably have a few (or more than a few) different mouthpieces to use with your instrument. With a gig bag or case that includes auxiliary pockets for these extras, you can keep everything in one place—so not only will you be less likely to misplace something, you'll also have your whole set of accessories with you when you travel. Even if it's just across town for a performance, you never know when you might need an extra drop of oil or a spare mouthpiece. Gig bags and cases are all about two things: protecting your alto or tenor horn in transit, and making it and its accessories convenient to carry around thanks to the handles and pockets. A case doesn't have to be the fanciest; the bells and whistles are up to you. What's important is that your instrument makes every trip in good hands.