Fender Amplifier Covers & Cases

Everybody knows you need a great amp to sound your best when you're jamming on your instrument, and that's why you chose a Fender amp. But, did you also know you should be keeping your amp covered when it's not in use? By keeping your amp safely covered, you'll be preventing dust and other outside influences from getting into the amp and affecting your sound. Fender knows this, which is why they produce a line of amplifier cases & covers to keep your Fender amp ready to shine.

You know the name Fender. It's arguably the most popular brand in the history of music. By basically developing the blueprint for the modern electric guitar, Fender has shaped (and continues to shape) popular music in countless ways. With their amplifier cases & covers, Fender is offering you a great way to keep your gear in playing shape at all times.

Determining the Fender case or cover that is right for you is actually a pretty simple process. It basically comes down to which Fender amplifier you own. For example, if you own a Blues Junior amp, you'll want to grab the Blues Junior Amp Cover. Are you plugging into a '65 Reissue Twin? Pick up the '65 Reissue Twin Combo Amp Cover. Maybe you've got a Hot Rod Deluxe, a Champion, a Custom Vibrolux Reverb, or a 63 Vibroverb amplifier? Don't worry, Fender has those amps covered as well (literally!).

If you've got a stack set up, Fender has head covers such as the Roc Pro 1000 Amp Head Cover, so you can rest easy knowing all your gear is safe. Fender builds the finest amps in the world, so it makes sense that they would also build the finest covers to protect them as well. If you're playing a Fender amp, you owe it to yourself to pick up a Fender amplifier case or cover.

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