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MF MD HG01 Electric Guitar Month 06-19-18

BBE Green Screamer Overdrive Effect Pedal

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Product 157035
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The Green Screamer overdrive pedal produces a dynamic range of smooth, warm overdrive tones like those of vintage tube amps thanks to a vintage overd...Click To Read More About This Product

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Vintage overdrive circuit with dual op-amp design.

The Green Screamer overdrive pedal produces a dynamic range of smooth, warm overdrive tones like those of vintage tube amps thanks to a vintage overdrive circuit and dual op-amp design.

The Green Screamer is built to last, and features hardwire bypass, LED operation indicator, non-slip rubber bottom, and an easy-access 9V battery compartment. Includes AC power supply!

  • Smooth, warm overdrive tones like vintage tube amps
  • Hardwire bypass
  • Vintage overdrive circuit
  • Dual op-amp design
  • LED indicator
  • Non-slip rubber bottom
  • Easy-access 9V battery compartment
  • Includes external AC adapter
  • Input Impedance: 1 MOhms
  • Output Impedance: 1 kOhms
  • Hardwire Bypass: Yes
  • Power Requirements:
  • DC inlet: +9VDC min. 200ma
  • Battery: 9VDC
  • Battery Life: 300 hours
  • Dimensions: 3-7/10"W x 1-4/5"H x 4-7/10"D
  • Shipping Weight: 3 lbs.

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Really nice overdrive!

By Charlie E.

from Nashville, TN

I own a stupidly large collection of distortion, overdrive and fuzz pedals. The prices range from cheap to "...I can't believe I paid that much for this.". So I know pedals. I bought the Green Screamer about three weeks ago and it almost immediately became a permanent member of my pedal board. The Screamer has a really smooth sound with good control over the level of overdrive. It will drive tubes well but also sound great through solid state amps (I practice through an older Fender Princeton Chorus). This pedal sounds really nice when a Sovtek Big Muff is run in front of it for solo boost. Gives nice, gritty Cream/Floyd tones. If you play any variation of classic to hard rock, I think you would like this pedal. If you play anything harder than, say, Nickleback, try the EH Metal Muff (the big one) instead.


Great tone

By Knotts

from Berkeley Heights, NJ

See all my reviews

I walked into a music store planning on buying a TS9 and the guy told me that what I really wanted to buy was this. I played with it for about a minute and knew that it was the sound I wanted. I have a Mesa Boogie Lonestar amp, as well as the new Blackheart Little Giant head. It truly enhances the sound of my strat, and doesn't add or take away from it in any way. It is true bypass. At the store the guy hooked it up backwards and it conducted the signal until he hit the switch. This pedal sounds great for blues and classic rock. It can push out more gain for heavier rock as well, but I tend to dial it back a bit. It comes with a power supply which is a plus.


almost perfect

By classified

from Ohio

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I got the pedal because I already like my amps (palomino V16 i.e. generic blues jr.) distortion just fine but even with the gain dimed I couldn't always get the sound I like, especially at low to moderate volumes. This pedal takes care of that and so much more. I'm in love with it. Set the amp to clean and max the gain on the pedal and you get good tube overdrive at even the lowest volumes. Combine the pedal with the amps distortion and it absolutely screams. With a decent tube amp and a little tweaking it sounds as if the circuts were touched by the hand of God. Can't say how it would compliment a solid-state amp but I can't see this little guy sounding bad in any application. Controls are pretty much idiot proof. I tried to find a bad sound and failed so adjustments are a snap. It comes with a power supply which is a big plus. The only problem I had was the level knob very slightly rubs on the case at 8 to 10 o clock but it doesn't bind or cause any problems with its functionality. I'd say unless you only use clean tones or only metal/extreme distortion tones this pedal is a must have.



By AndyWoods

from Zeeland, MI

See all my reviews

I just received this pedal, and all I can say is wow. The former OD pedals I was using don't even compare. I love a nice warm, light overdrive, and this pedal does it, and does it in a great way. The old pedal I used sounds like a blanket was thrown over it during an A/B comparison. Great tone for blues, classic rock, or anything that takes to mild overdrive. Very nice, DEFINITELY worth the money


BBE green screamer overdrive

By velsignet

from West Grove, PA

A great pedal if you're playing classic rock/blues rock, I'm sure you could even get something close to metal sounds if you really wanted to. A great pedal for the money. Worth all of it!


green screamer


from Rochester, NY

See all my reviews

I have had several dozen overdrive pedals, including the original Ibanez Tube screamer and the Keeley modified Reissue of the Ibanez Tube screamer. I heard someone "test fly" one of these at a local guitar store and it sounded incredible. These are essentially an interpretation of an Ibanez Tube screamer that's been modified out & equipped with true bypass; all in all it's a great overdrive with true bypass at a reasonable price.


This may never leave my board

By Kayd Mon

from South Florida

See all my reviews

This pedal, as you've probably already guessed, is BBE's version of the Tube Screamer. It's very much like that classic, but while the TS can sound somewhat nasal, The Green Screamer gives you very natural drive sounds. I use this with the gain at 12 o'clock and the tone either at 12 o'clock or 1 o'clock depending on the guitar. I almost never turn it off - it's responsive enough to your pick attack that you can play clean with a soft touch and get some sweet grind with a little more digging. It's awesome if you run it before another overdrive as well. It'll give you a great crunch sound for any type of guitar music. It won't give you heavy metal gain by itself, but that's not what you buy an overdrive pedal for. This sounds best run into a tube amp. I mainly use it with a Vox AC15. Try this one out!


Classic OD

By Q7Qg7vJIL

from USA

See all my reviews

This thing is awesome. I'm glad I purchased it instead of something else. For the money this thing rocks. If you cant dial in the sound your looking for then you need to play the bongos instead. Buy this, BBE makes quality stuff.



By CheapTrick5525

from Temecula, CA

I recently purchased a Laney AOR PTL head and I was looking to add just a little extra distortion without changing the core sound of the amp. This little pedal added that extra bit of gain (which would have made me happy by itself), but it also brought out clarity and depth that I never knew the Laney had!On the "clean" channel, it provides wonderful "classic" overdrive (almost distortion) with all the same benefits on the overdrive channel. The sounds actually live up to the "professional" clips provided on many websites. Excellent value, excellent product. I've never been a "pedal" player -- I prefer simple plug and play -- but now I am a "plug and play plus one" player.


Boutique Pedal for Stock Price

By Frank Zen

from Southport, CT

See all my reviews

I own a TS-808 boutique clone that I paid over $200 for and I can say that this pedal comes pretty damn close to it. If I were to compare the sound I'd say is somewhere between a TS-808 and a TS-9 leaning toward the TS-808.It's got a warmer sound compared to a TS-9. It's also seem to have a bit more balls than the TS-9. My boutique TS-808 has a little more edge and scorch but I'd gladly use the Green Screamer as a backup if I needed to. So all that, I'd highly recommend this pedal if you're looking for a warm overdrive without the harshness of a TS-9.


Great, Warm Overdrive

By underabloodredskyrefugee

from Seattle, WA

See all my reviews

I took this pedal and drove it through a Vox AC30 and you would not believe the tone!!! It allows me to hit it's sweet spot at a much lower volume and it sounds very much like a very loud, overdriven AC30. I took it with an analog delay and now have a very EDGE'y sound that is very remarkable. Great product!! Highly recommended.


Good Pedal

By Me-Vi97k

from Il

See all my reviews

It is good for blues, but for rock it lacks punch by itself. It is a good pedal to use as a boost for another if your going to do rock. If you can get a good clean sound out of your amp, then you will get a decent distorted sound out of it using the pedal, it's pretty transparent. Haven't used it with a solid state amp, but with a tube it works well. If you get the DOD 250 and put it before this pedal it really helps alot. Also the output on this pedal is not very loud. Hope this helps.


Great Pedal

By Anonymous

from Undisclosed

I own this and a modded TS9. I have been very happy with the TS9 but it always lacked the bass response that I like. I modded it to improve the bass response, and it still doesn't quite get as good as this. I would choose this over a stock TS9 most any day. Highly recommended.


An incredible find

By VintageTone

from Lafayette, CA

Awesome! Sounds comparable to a Red Snapper, the three knob awesome one. No, I'm not joking. For reference I play a Casino through a Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue.This pedal is an amazing find! Warm, tube-y, biting on some settings and with a PERFECT range of overdrive from light breakup to smooth sustained warm overdrive. I have tried all the other pedals in this range with reputations, and this one simply blows them away.I bought this pedal because it was blemished, without trying it. I didn't think it would sound all that great, but I was hoping it would be a decent backup. But now that I have tried it, if you slapped some Indie name on it and sold it for $200, I would probably have bought it!I am actually here to order a backup for the road. It is amazing! The only pedal that really seems like this is the Red Snapper, which is the holy grail of vintage overdrive I think. This pedal is a steal. In ten years, people will revere it the way they do with the Snapper.


Buy It now

By shredoman

from raleigh, NC

So I needed an OD pedal to push my marshall AVT150, it definitely needed more gain. I went to the guitar shop and side by side compared the Green Sreamer, TS9, turbo screamer, and Zakk Wylde overdrive. Green screamer was the winner. Very responsive controls and does not muddy up the sound, just adds excellent gain. TS9 was too thick, slightly sludgy. I liked it, but it was just different for me. The turbo was weird, and the wylde was very nice, but did not have true bypass. Green Screamer is best for the money. And boy, it brings out the harmonics when pushing an already dirty amp!


Great for sizzling Country leads!

By J.R. Royall

from Dallas TX

See all my reviews

I've been looking for a pedal for months now that will give me that sizzling, nashville sounding country lead tone. Not clean, not distorted, just that mystifying place in between. Dirty but not filthy. This pedal does it. The great thing is that you really do have to crank the thing up to 6 or 7 before it starts distorting like a tubescreamer. That gives you 1-6, which are just wonderful levels of sparkling, rich, slightly sizzling dirty tones. It does tend to lose some of the bottom from my amp, but I've only had it for a day, so maybe playing around with it will fix that. I'd recommend it to anyone trying to find the crackle of country or alt-country leads without the distortion and classic rock sound that most OD pedals give you.


this will eat your face metal n00bs!!!!!!!!

By erikk_the _red_betch

from wyomin

yea i got this pedal to run through my DSL 100 head and 1960 cab. with celestion GM12 speakers. And let me tell you that it is quite a nifty little pedal. actually it is quite br00talz. and it is definatly equal to all overdrives includin TS-9, maxon, ect... and it is definatly worth the money....


sounds good to me

By Thomas Warren

from Birmingham, AL

See all my reviews

so i played one of these today through a fender tube amp (one with a switchable drive channel). i'm basically shopping for an od pedal that can kick up some decent gain. this one on the clean channel delivers a smooth, mild overdrive. i mean. not for heavy music, but great for just pop or blues or whatever. put it through an already overdriven channel, though, and you can get some sounds, man! if you've already got an overdriven amp to put this pedal through, you can get some mean it. i probably am.oh. and this is in comparison to a ts9, an mxr distortion III, and a zakk wylde overdrive.


neat pedal

By Speed chop!!!!!!!!

from Stella, Mo

See all my reviews

This is a pretty neat pedal. Not the best but it is pretty neat. Not a whole lot of features but that is the point. It is a tube screamer knock off. That is that. Pure and simple. You are better off buying a ts9, it is the same price and it is more versitle. This pedal can get very very fuzzish but not very bight. It is more like a ts808 than a ts9. Although if this is what you are looking for... then this is a cheaper alternative. It sounds amazing for what it is. But I prefer Maxon and I banez and Keeley baked ts9's... you know the good stuff!!!!!!


Well worth it.

By Kris-cZK-6

from Dallas, TX

There are more than a dozen OD pedals on the market... apples and oranges, but this one really shines through. Great tone combined with an excellent range of boost at a worthwhile price. I've found it fits perfectly with my Vox AD50VT though I've enjoyed it on several amps. Lovely sound, very sturdy, great pedal.

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