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You've probably guessed that "Mahalo" is a Hawaiian word, but have you ever wondered what it means? The answer is "thank you," which makes it a fitting name for Mahalo Amplifiers and Effects because there are plenty of guitarists who would love to thank Mahalo for building them. You only need to look at a Mahalo amp to start getting a feel for it: they're boutique inside and out, and they sound every bit as great as they look. Mahalo puts a lot of emphasis on clarity and note separation, so you'll hear your favorite riffs coming through crystal clear even when the gain is turned way up. The result is an amp that's lyrical and well-behaved no matter how hard you're pushing it.

Understanding the philosophy behind Mahalo amps is as easy as knowing this simple truth: complication causes loss. What this means is that adding channels and effects loops to an amplifier's design will introduce more opportunities for the signal to lose quality. Mahalo solves the problem by keeping it simple: effects are built right in to the amps, so you don't need pedals to shape your sound. There's just one channel, and that's the point - because what you can do with that channel is amazing. Extracting pure, uncompromising performance from your instrument is what Mahalo is all about.

If you want that performance in a portable, all-in-one package, check out Mahalo combo amps like the Katy 66 1x12 50W Tube Guitar Combo and the AEM50 40W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo. Or, to get the same legendary tone as those combos in an amp head that gives you the versatility of choosing any cabinet, look for the Katy 66 50W Guitar Tube Head and AEM50 45W Guitar Tube Head. Those are just a few examples of the Mahalo lineup, which provides the other half of the equation as well, through cabs like the Horizontal 2x12 Guitar Cabinet and the B Style 4x12 Guitar Cabinet.

When you want sound that doesn't pull any punches, no matter your personal style, you want Mahalo amplifiers and effects. They've racked up stage hours with bands including Collective Soul and Fuel, and the AEM50 is the amp head that Johnny Depp likes to play to indulge his creativity between movie filmings. And that's just to name a few of the musicians who swear by Mahalo... will you be the next one to add to the list?