Markbass Classic 300 300W Tube Bass Head

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A beautiful example of how old and new technology should work together.

The Markbass Classic 300 bass amp's heart beats with the power of JJ Electronics tubes--2 ECC83 preamp tubes, 2 ECC99 tubes, and 6 KT88 power tubes--which give you the warmth and fullness of the great old amps that are now aging or retired. A massive 300W of tube-driven power will handle just about any venue imaginable.

But times have changed, and this bass head comes with a brain: an onboard microprocessor re-biases your tubes every time you start up the Markbass Classic amp. This allows you to customize your bias adjustments, and tells you if and when any tubes need to be replaced. Tube amps used to be finicky and unreliable. Now you won't have any nasty surprises during a gig, and you'll know exactly when and how your tubes need to be serviced. To top it off, the Classic 300 bass head puts out a loud 300 watts of power. It also has a 4-band EQ, plenty of I/O, and a 2 x 16 LCD screen which can be used as a VU meter or for displaying other important parameters you choose.


  • All-tube amp - two ECC83 preamp tubes, two ECC99 tubes, and six KT88 power tubes (all manufactured by JJ Electronics)
  • 2 x16 LCD screen shows a digital VU meter and/or other technical parameters
  • Bias Control for making power tubes work in HiFi mode/or Long Life mode
  • Standby control for making amp work in low consumption mode when momentarily not in use
  • 1/4" input jack works with active or passive basses
  • Balanced XLR on front for double bass pickups
  • Gain and Master volume controls
  • Clip warning light
  • EQ includes controls for Low, Mid Frequency Low, High Frequency Low, and High
  • Neutrik Speakon Combo out jacks for use with 1/4" or Speakon speaker cables
  • Balanced XLR line out
  • Pre EQ/Post EQ switch to determine whether EQ effects XLR line out or not
  • Ground lift switch to eliminate hum
  • Tuner out sends unbalanced signal sent to a tuner, amp or recording equipment not needing a balanced signal
  • Send and Return Effect ensures main signal continues even if something dies in your effects chain
  • Dual-sided fiberglass PC boards with lined perforations for high-quality solder connections
  • Surface-mount components are silicon-sealed to isolate vibrations
  • Computer-grade pre-assembled ribbon connector cable harnesses and ribbons for noise-free operation
  • Integrated threaded posts for easy assembly/disassembly and added durability
  • Rigid 2mm thick aluminium chassis

Give your bass the warmth of an old-school tube head with new-school control. Order today.