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Once you've got an instrument and you know how to play it, the next steps are making your sound your own and getting it heard. Amps and effects are the solution. For well over half a century, Moog Music has been making theremins, stompboxes and other innovative electronics to create, capture, modify and amplify the sounds of all your favorite instruments. It focuses on achieving a previously unimagined level of sonic variety for musicians to play, perform and record with in the spirit of experimenting and having fun.

With such a great selection of equipment, Moog is sure to have something for everyone. Someone looking for an accessible introduction to Moog effects might want to try the EP-3 Universal Expression Pedal. This versatile pedal works with any instrument that has an expression or CV input, such as your keyboard, synth or instrument pedal, and has a polarity switch to ensure compatibility. It also features a scalable output knob and a rugged build to withstand the wear and tear of road use.

If, however, you've got a signature Moog or other brand of theremin you're looking to take to the stage, the TB-15 Theremin Amplifier for Etherwave is the solution for you. This 15-watt amp boats an 8-inch speaker, 3-band EQ and 2 inputs, making it ideal for onstage or studio use. It even has a headphone output for silent practicing to help you master your craft.

For a truly out-of-this-world aural experience, you'll definitely want to check out the MF-108M Moog Cluster Flux. This analog effects pedal features a chorus/flange switch, amount and rate controls, mix control and much more for virtually unlimited combinations. It even allows you to create an array of different sound wave shapes, including sine, triangle, square, ramp, and reverse ramp, as well as sample and hold waves to discover your signature sound.

Artists as varied as The Doors, The Beach Boys, St. Vincent, Mastodon, Stars, and Kesha have all used Moog products on their recordings or during live shows to create their distinct music. With Moog amplifiers and effects, an entire universe of undiscovered sound is just waiting to be explored.