Tech 21 Amplifiers & Effects

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By plugging your instrument into an amp or effects pedal, you're opening yourself up to a seemingly endless range of tonal possibilities. Of course, nobody understands that better than owners of Tech 21 amplifiers and effects. In fact, Tech 21 has been inspiring guitarists and bass players since 1989 with amps and effects that use strictly analog technology. From guitar combo amps to tube amp emulators, foot controllers and distortion pedals, Tech 21 has something for anyone who enjoys broadening the horizons of their performance.

So what kind of effect or amp are you looking for? Obviously the right choice for you will depend on your own music tastes and specific needs as a player, but an easy way to narrow down your choices is by starting with the more popular items. For example, if it's a new versatile tube combo amp that you want, look no further than the Trademark 60 1x12. Delivering a wide variety of legendary tube amp sounds, this 2-channel 60-watt combo amp gives you an incredible amount of flexibility to create your own face-melting tones. Boasting a built-in direct box, footswitchable effects loops, and much more, the Trademark 60 1x12 will give you the sound you've always dreamed of.

Now, for those who are searching for a new effects pedal, Tech 21's selection of choices is loaded with top sellers, and any bass player would love the Bass Driver Deluxe. Featuring 6 presets and a programmable effect loop, the Bass Driver Deluxe can plug directly into the house PA without the need of a separate amp. Easy to operate and incredibly versatile, this killer unit is full of fat, funky tones, and will satisfy any bassist who wants to add some punch to their performance.

And these two items don't even scratch the surface of what Tech 21 has in store for you in this catalog. The simple truth is that every amp and effect from Tech 21 is brought to life through an expert team of audiophiles who are proud to make your unique musical ideas come to life exactly how you imagined they would.